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Twitter - 'Similar To' - Say what?

Posted in Funnies, Posted in Social Media Marketing by Jon Payne on 03-Jun-2011 08:49:16

Twitter - Similar To - Weird Neither celeb pleased to be "similar to" an airport, I imagine.

We're helping a travel company with their Social Media strategy, so I'm looking at how brands in the sector use Social Media.

So, I look at Heathrow Airport's Twitter Page

You know how at the side of the page you can see other Twitter users who are similar to the profile you are viewing? When I looked, Twitter told me that Heathrow Airport is similar to Gethin Jones and Davina McCall. While both Gethin and Davina are talented people who I'm sure aren't averse to a little self promotion, I'm pretty sure neither would claim to be one of the busiest airports in the world.

Certainly, in her profile pic Davina doesn't look like she covers anything like the 5 square miles that Heathrow does.

Might I suggest a little tinkering with your "Similar To" algos at the next Twitter Hack Week, guys?

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