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      UGC: User-Generated Content or User-Generated Conversion?

      UGC: User-Generated Content or User-Generated Conversion? Featured Image
      Published on Feb 22, 2017 by Sarah Carter

      Nowadays you see plenty of e-commerce sites hopping on the user-generated content bandwagon. You know the deal: it's typically photos of fashionistas wearing their recent purchase from [insert desirable e-commerce site here]. But, what is the point of it all? And, if your product isn't in the realm of wearable fashion, how exactly can UGC benefit your e-commerce business? For this week's blog post we passed the baton over to Sarah Carter, Head of Marketing at Rixxo, a Creative Studio based in Bristol, to help shed some light on the topic. Over to you, Sarah...

      With companies looking to improve their e-commerce websites and drive sales in innovative and creative ways, user-generated content has become increasingly popular. Here are some effective examples of how UGC can be incorporated into your e-commerce website to drive product conversions, alongside creating engaging user experiences.

      Instant upselling - River Island’s #ImWearingRI

      River Island’s #ImWearingRI user-generated campaign is an influential example of how you can build trust between brand and customer.

      River Island User-Generated Content ExampleImage cred: @honeyidressedthepug via the River Island site
      An integrated grid allows the consumer to see multiple people wearing River Island clothes and, on clicking, suggestions of what to wear the items with appear. This campaign plays a significant part in driving sales by using integrated commerce units, linking to products directly triggering instant upselling with ‘add to cart’ suggestions.

      Create the reach - Hotels.com #Unrooming

      The #Unrooming campaign for hotels.com ran in nine different countries worldwide, in six different languages.

      Video of Kara Tointon #Unrooming for hotels.comImage cred: hotels.com. You can watch Kara Tointon doing her very own #Unrooming here (is it us or does that sentence sound a bit perverse?)

      To enter, participants must record a short video of themselves reviewing a hotel room which they are staying in, from the moment the room door is opened, and send it to Twitter or Instagram with the #Unrooming hashtag. This user-generated campaign encourages multiple users to connect with the brand on a regular basis. It successfully reached potential new customers with the help of celebrity endorsements and a weekly voucher prize.

      Creatively display submissions - 7th Heaven’s #ShowUsYours

      7th Heaven’s #ShowUsYours user-generated campaign runs continuously to engage their audience. It encourages the user to share their experience of using 7th Heaven face masks and the result is instantly fun and bold.

      Examples of 7th Heaven User Generated ContentImage cred: 7th Heaven

      This particular campaign has been embedded in two ways on their website: in the main competition grid and as a carousel on product-specific pages, filtering and displaying UGC submissions relevant to that product. All these fun features continue to increase brand reach and credibility for 7th Heaven.

      These three examples above show how user-generated content campaigns can assist e-commerce companies in many different ways. It allows e-commerce brands to leverage their social media activity over on their website to firstly build interest, followed by conversions. These UGC campaigns are fun for both the brand and consumer to get involved with so, what's not to love?

      Thanks Sarah! If you want to chat to any of the Rixxo team about user-generated content, you'll find them at the sold-out Digital Gaggle conference on Thursday 9th March. Want to delve further into the world of user-generated content? We've written a beginner's guide which you can read here. Oh, and if you feel like teaching yourself how to effectively manage your content on social media, download the free guide below!

      Manage your social media in under 20 minutes a day - download the free guide to learn how!

      Sarah Carter

      Sarah Carter is Head of Marketing at Rixxo, a Creative Studio based in Bristol.

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