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      Vlog: Holly Edwards' Top Tips For Working With Influencers!

      Vlog: Holly Edwards' Top Tips For Working With Influencers! Featured Image
      Published on Mar 22, 2017 by Claire Dibben

      Thinking of asking an influencer like Zoella to promote your brand or product? Well, you'd best be prepared to shell out the big bucks, 'cause these household influencer names are becoming gosh darn expensive and are, quite frankly, not generating the engagement they used to. So, what are you supposed to do?! Micro-influencers, baby. They're the way forward and Holly Edwards has three top tips to help you on your way. You so thoughtful, Holly. 


      If you've got time to kill (don't worry, we won't tell your boss), then you can watch the entirety of Holly's Digital Gaggle talk below. It's clipped from the livestream we did on the day so, soz for the potato quality. 

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      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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