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      Vlog: Jon's 3 Top Tips For SEO (1:58)

      Vlog: Jon's 3 Top Tips For SEO (1:58) Featured Image
      Published on Apr 13, 2017 by Josh Baldwin


      The world of Search & Inbound Marketing in general is a volatile and ever changing landscape. Best practices become bad practices and tactics that worked last year won't necessarily work out for you this year or the next.

      As a result the fickle practice of SEO oft leaves marketers scratching their noggins, wondering what to spend their budget and (more importantly) time on next.

      If you don't fancy a new website, maybe you should watch Jon's top 3 SEO tips and optimise your web presence instead.



      My name is Jon Payne and I am technical director at Noisy Little Monkey.

      Shall we do that again?

      Yes, hehehe.

      So my three top tips for search:

      1. Think about content, whatever the content is. Whether it's video, which is really good because that’s really shareable. Whether it's images, whether it's text on page, whether it's infographics or whatever. Think about the content and who that content is for and then write it for them because if you make it for those people or that person, they’ll find it on google, that’s googles job. Don’t worry about trying to game the system, think about content and who it’s for.

      2. Second thing to think is: make that content shareable. So, sometimes ya’know our service pages on our websites are kind of boring, that’s fine, but you should have a blog that’s interesting, and if it’s not useful it should be sexy, funny and disgusting because your competitors aren’t doing that and that’s the way to stop people when they’re looking at your blog and share it, because it amused them, it disgusted them, or it turned them on! If you can do any of those things they’ll share your blog posts and therefore you’ll acquire more back links, therefore you’ll probably, eventually rank a bit higher on google.
      3. My third tip would be to think about where your audience is, where they are in the world. For Noisy Little Monkey they’re 30 miles around Bristol. People think we’re international, I thought we were international when we started, but we’re not, we like dealing with people local. Where are your customers as a business and then think how can I make sure that when they search for me if they are local to me that I appear in that map pack, that three pack of maps on google, or Bing… if you’re an idiot.

      Josh Baldwin

      Inbound Manager @ Noisy Little Monkey, Josh blogs about SEO, Local & Mobile, HubSpot and Inbound Strategy.

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