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      Watch The Talks From Digital Gaggle

      Watch The Talks From Digital Gaggle Featured Image
      Published on Oct 25, 2019 by Claire Dibben

      Last month, Noisy Little Monkey hosted their biannual Digital Gaggle conference. The event played host to speakers from brands such as Innocent Drinks and Plusnet, with talks from local digital marketing experts added to the mix too. Attendees got to explore topics which included: CRO, Analytics, Creativity and Social Media among many others. Why not take 30 minutes out of your day today and learn something new?

      Look Into My Eyes: How To Influence Buyers To Grow Profit

      In this talk, Jon Payne explores the tactics you can use to exert influence over your buyer in order to grow engagement and profit for your business.

      10 Conversion Optimisation Experiments To Run On Your Website Immediately

      In this session, Adam gives you 10 experiments you should run with your users, purely focused on profitability. Each experiment includes a scenario (so you can judge if they’re right for your business), some suggestions on how to implement it and, more importantly, what to track to judge the results.

      Why We Should Be Scared Of Google And What We Can Do About It

      In her talk, Arianne asks whether Google’s monopoly of the World Wide Web is a good thing for the long-term health of the internet. As advertisers and marketers, what options do we have for alternative advertising channels? And how can we safeguard the future of the World Wide Web, while ensuring it remains fit for purpose for an increasingly diverse user base?

      Don't Do A Pepsi: How To Be Inclusive With Your Marketing

      Brands today are being held accountable for their actions more so than ever before which is why it’s important that inclusive marketing is part of your strategy. In her session, Joy shows you how to avoid using token diversity in your campaigns and teaches you how to create authentic personas which truly reflect your audience.

      One Tweet Away From The Sack

      In his session, John from Innocent Drinks talks about the power of nonsense, how to give your social media marketing a purpose beyond advertising, and why personality trumps tone of voice every time.

      Digital Experience Optimisation: Leveraging Data Led Decision Making

      Do you find it hard to measure success in your digital analytics? This talk from Molly Evans discusses the concept of maturity models and how to use them to assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy so that you can identify what works and understand where to make improvements.

      Crisis Comms: Nothing Gets Deleted On The Internet

      There’s nothing quite like a social media blowout – going viral for all the wrong reasons. As businesses engage with customers purely through digital means, how can you ensure that a mistake (or worse) doesn’t blow up on social media? Emily Perkins reveals how to execute crisis comms in her Digital Gaggle session.

      Considered Creativity: How To Supercharge Your Ideas To Drive Better Results

      In a world where the average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 ads a day, your ideas and your content has to emotionally resonate to cut through the noise. In this talk, Kirsty takes you through a scientifically proven creative process and shares tips on how to test content before investing in execution, to supercharge your content efforts. 

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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