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      We're Hosting An Event At Bath Digital Festival!

      We're Hosting An Event At Bath Digital Festival! Featured Image
      Published on Oct 11, 2017 by Claire Dibben

      Bath Digital Festival is a 6 day celebration of all things tech in the city of Bath. Companies and individuals from across the UK will be pouring into Bath to explore the latest advances in digital technology. There will be activities and workshops for all ages - they've packed a whopping fifty events into less than a week - and we're mega chuffed to announce that we're on the line-up! 

      An event as part of a festival? How does that work?

      Good question! In order to access all of the events at Bath Digital Festival, you need to buy a wristband. Don't worry, we're not talking Glastonbury prices, you can bag your festival band for just £15. Yes - that £15 gets you access to an entire week's worth of events 😱 Once you've got your wristband, you just need to book onto the events which take your interest and - voilà - you're all set for some good old fashioned festival learnin'.

      Well, what is your event about?

      Digital marketing, duh. Noisy Little Monkey's head honcho, Jon Payne, will be delivering a talk called '21st Century Persuasion: Digital Marketing That Works' and will show you how to use best practice techniques to drive website (and foot) traffic using search, social media marketing, and marketing automation. 


      During the talk, you'll learn:

      • How to get more website visitors from organic search
      • How to convert a higher percentage of those visitors into sales enquiries
      • How to write great template emails for lead nurturing 
      • How to measure your success

      Before you delve into the session, there'll be 30 minutes networking with FREE drinks provided by Bath Ales - hip hip hooray! This talk is best suited for marketing managers or board level executives from B2B and Professional Services businesses. So, if that's you... we hope to see you there!

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      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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