What is a link?

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A beginner’s guide to web links

We’ve been asked a question on our Facebook page about links and why they may or may not be important to a website’s position in Google’s results (AKA “SERPs”), so we’ve put together a number of definitions that will help you understand links - particularly if you’re just starting out on the journey of marketing your business online.

We’ll start with the basics:

What is a link?

A link is a part (or parts) of a web page that you click to go somewhere else. “Somewhere else” may be another part of that web page, another page on that same website, or another website entirely.

If links are contained in a portion of text they are often underlined in blue: like this.

But links can be contained in images, video and all manner of things.

Basically, anything you can click on a website which takes you to another place is a link.

Here are some useful links for your next steps...

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