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      What To Include In An Inbound Sales Video

      What To Include In An Inbound Sales Video Featured Image
      Published on Mar 31, 2020 by Katie Roberts

      Video content works perfectly for Inbound sales. Not only is it a great differentiator for your business but it allows information to be delivered quickly with a whole load more personality than if you were to send a simple written email. In this short video, Noisy Little Monkey's Inbound Growth Specialist shares some tips she's learnt from sending out video content to both prospects and customers.




      Hello, it's Katie from Noisy Little Monkey here back with another video about videos. This one in particular will cover what your video should say and how to say it. So I will go through a quick Inbound lowdown, how to write a script and then how to deliver said script. Now if you already know Noisy Little Monkey, I would be incredibly offended if you're not already familiar with Inbound. However, I will define it anyway because I'm nice.

      What is Inbound?

      So Inbound is essentially a way to attract, engage and delight people so that your business continuously grows. Think of it like a flywheel. So during the attract phase of Inbound, you're obviously going to want to attract people to your website using video content. So for example, think about the challenges that your buyer persona would be facing and then make a video addressing how you would solve those challenges.

      During the engage phase, you want to be creating video content that shows how your product or service can add value to that prospect. So perhaps you could make a walkthrough video of how your product or service works and then show the results that people are likely to get once they use it. Hopefully the results are good ones. During the delight phase, this is where we really want some happy customers. A good idea for this phase is to, rather than send a boring text email to update your clients on how the project is going, you can create a video and send them that instead. It's much more engaging and much more fun.

      What to include in your script

      Now we're on to actually writing a script, so before you can put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, as we do nowadays, you're going to need to want to answer the question, what do I want my audience to learn?

      Once you've answered that question, you can then create an outline for your script. This one needs to include an introduction, three subtopics, and then a summary. So when you introduce yourself, introduce who you are, who the company is, and what you're going to cover in the video. That should pretty much be it for talking about you. The rest of the video should be addressing you (the customer) rather than you (the sales person). So make it more about whoever's watching the video rather than you then cover the topics in the order that you said you're going to cover them in. And then the summary, make sure you reiterate the important points that you've made and then add in a call-to-action such as follow me on Twitter or download this guide. As long as the call-to-action makes sense for the video, add it in .

      How to deliver the content of your video

      Finally, delivery. I'm sure you're aware that I'm going to say speak loudly clearly and not too quickly, but the most important thing is that you speak confidently.

      People aren't going to have any faith in what you're saying if you don't believe it yourself. So make sure you speak confidently. If you need to read your script while you're doing it, I'd recommend using an app like teleprompter and then placing the tablet or the phone as close as possible to the camera so that you can't see your eyes doing this as you're reading it. But don't use a script if you don't have to. So to summarize, know who your persona is and what stage they're in before you make your video, introduce yourself and your company, and then make the complete video about them rather than you, speak clearly and not too fast, and look at the camera as much as possible. Here comes my call to action: we are Noisy Little Monkey. Follow us on Twitter @NoisyMonkey, and I'll be back soon with more video tips. Thank you very much for watching. Bye.

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      Katie Roberts

      Head of Sales and Marketing for Noisy Little Monkey, Katie writes about sales tips and strategies in today's marketplace.

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