What types of social media are used in the UK.

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The infographic below highlights which type of social media platforms are used the most in the UK.

Some of the social networks you may not have heard of and others you may not have used at all. Even though I've been dabbling in SEO for a few years, this is my first professional post and I will openly admit I very rarely use YouTube and have never used Flickr so the infographic was a bit of an eye opener for me as well, because the numbers are so large I feel like Iā€™m missing out!



Infographic provided by Umpf PR

In the survey, 2,400 people in the UK were asked what social networking platforms they used the most and how often.

One of the most interesting statistics pulled out from the research is that women are far more active on Facebook, while men are much more active on sites such as LinkedIn and Foursquare.

A round up of the statistics from the infographic can be found below.

  • More than half UK pensioners now on Facebook
  • 37.4 million UK adults use Facebook regularly
  • 32.1 million UK adults use YouTube regularly
  • 15.5 million UK adults on Twitter
  • 7.9 million UK adults on LinkedIn
  • 6.7 million UK adults on Flickr

For more stats, follow the link to Umpf.

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