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What's my site's Google PageRank?

Posted in SEO by Jon Payne on 04-Dec-2007 21:13:00

Your website's visibility is heavily influenced by it's link popularity and a good judge of this is Google's PageRank. It's easy to find out your site's PageRank, you just need Google Toolbar.

Get it here:

Once you've agreed all the terms and conditions and downloaded the software, it should appear in the menu bar of your browser.

At the extreme right hand side of the bar click 'settings' then select 'Options' from the drop down menu. In the dialogue box select the tab 'more' and tick the box 'PageRank'. Click 'OK' to accept and then 'OK' to close the dialogue box.

Now browse to your website and check out it's PageRank.

Don't worry if it's only 2/10 or 3/10, that's not the end of the world you can make some improvements, but bear in mind that the BBC is only a 9/10.

If your site's PageRank is less than 2/10 then you should probably do something about it to improve your website's visibility. If you don't know what to do, check out my article on Link Popularity, to see what you can do yourself or talk to me about my search marketing services for your business.

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