When is a monkey not a monkey?

by Sallyanne

So this is the last Noisy Little Monkey blog post you will see from me as from 23rd May I will no longer be a Monkey; instead returning to the land of the humble human!

During my 18 months here I have learnt masses about digital marketing, brainstorming cool ideas and optimising shizzle and have been privileged to work with some great people on some interesting projects.

Sallyanne's Time with Noisy Little Monkey

As a small celebration of my time in the ‘Monkey House’ here is a collection of some of my favourite (and most interesting) moments:

• Live tweeting – I was lucky to work on the Venturefest project last year and had a ball live tweeting at the event from the @ScienceCityBristol account. Although no longer working on the Venturefest event, Janice and the team were wonderful to work with.

• Learning from the pros – I took over the running of the TXM Recruit account in my early days at NLM and have picked up some recruiting tips from some great recruiters. Sam (who I sourced to take over from myself as an in-house digital marketing coordinator) is great at what he does and I know he will continue to push those results through the roof.

• Feeling fuzzy inside – you may remember Big Noise - our competition to help a local charity? What a fantastic project to work on! Although there was a moment of panic when I accidently edited a live URL breaking it in the process (don’t tell anyone!) we all got a real sense of fuzziness knowing that the work we were doing was helping others out. If you want to learn more about the work we do with the charity sector, Josh is the guy to go too.

• Lights, camera, action – as part of the Big Noise campaign we spent some time in front of the camera posing for an interview with the Evening Post. Armed with symbols, bananas and iPads, we certainly had a ball!

• Training others – every quarter one of the Monkey team speaks at BRAVE training SME owners on how to use social media, improve their online marketing and ironing out any technical issues. I’ve been lucky to attend these events and ran my first one in January and what a buzz I got from it! I love sharing knowledge with people and teaching them new things so I was in my element.

• Plurals often get more volume – this one appeals to my geekiness – often when conducting search term research the plural version of the phrase will get more search volume than the singular. Think ‘solicitor’ vs ‘solicitors’. Top tip for you there!

To all the clients I have worked with – thanks for the giggles, learning and sometimes heart beat skipping moments! You are in very safe hands with the Monkeys and I hope our paths will cross in the future.

Final Top Tips:

• Use LinkedIn to connect and share brand messages

• Search for hashtags on Twitter and Facebook to make sure people are using them before you use them

• Use Twitter’s ‘Own The Moment’ calendars they are a great way to see what is coming up over the next month – allowing you to produce content more easily

• Do your search term research to help your website rank better – Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool are great tools to use for this

• Think about URLs – include key phrases where possible whilst making it ‘read’ naturally for humans – it’s not all about the search bots!

• Take the time to write individual page titles and META descriptions – this is time consuming but I love it (slightly sad I know!) As with most things, if you invest the time it will pay off in the end. Have fun creating interesting calls to actions in your META descriptions and using key phrases in your page titles

• Share the love – attribute people on social media sites – people love hearing that someone has enjoyed reading their stuff and it enables you to start a relationship with them

• Follow me on Twitter! @SallyanneHowell

That’s all folks!



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