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Jon Talking Sketch by Sarah @ www.EventsIllustration.co.uk


I do quite a few speaking events around the south west on how to get the most from your online investment. Be that getting to the top of Google, how to effectively use Twitter and Facebook for your brand, getting more from AdWords or understanding what's important in Google Analytics.

When I was asked to pop along and speak at Discuss and Do I was thrilled. Frome is such a vibrant town filled with lots of cool artisan type shops doing "upcycling" and modern things like that.

I was a little trepidatious too, as the February event was billed as "a three day festival in Frome to inspire businesses and artistic ventures and help them to become more successful.". There's a serious danger, I thought to myself, that I could be stood in a room for an afternoon waving my arms about (as is my custom) at a lot of 'alternative' types and some ladies who have "set up a boutique dahhhhling".

Actually, it was a fantastic event attended by designers primarily, designers of websites, gardens, textiles, landscapes. There were photographers, videographers and a chef. From 'normal' jobs there were bookkeepers, payroll services, a shop keeper and a lawyer... we're meeting up for coffee soon to see how we can make sure local businesses don't get caught with their hands in the EU Cookie Law jar. It was a delight as ever to see Speed Rebel too, though we didn't get a chance to chat much. We will soon, no doubt.

Most fun of all, though was Sarah Godsill who does live sketching of events and weddings. It's her sketch illustrating this post. Good isn't she? There's another one here.

Discuss and Do in Frome is a great way to get local businesses discussing ways they can do things better and ways they can do things better together. Other towns should take a leaf out of their book. Check out their site for more events: Discuss and Do website.

I do hope they ask me back!

Jon Payne
Jon Payne

Founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey, Jon blogs about SEO and digital marketing strategy.

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