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      Why Our Best Clients Fire Us Within A Year

      Why Our Best Clients Fire Us Within A Year Featured Image
      Published on Dec 9, 2015 by Jon Payne

      Choosing Noisy Little Monkey as an agency isn't a decision to take lightly. Our best clients fire us in a year. And that’s just the way we like it.

      Let me take you through a typical client life-cycle and you’ll understand why….

      Month 1

      You Meet The Straight Talking Marketing Geeks.

      month 1 - link to noisy little monkey team page

      On our blog and in the events we run, we GIVE AWAY loads of our knowledge. Why? Because we set up Noisy Little Monkey to stop people like you getting burned by slick talking snake oil merchants who pretend digital marketing is all smoke, mirrors, link building and Facebook followers. We know that's bullshit and we think you’ll enjoy our no nonsense approach.

      Sweets. Not Sales Reps.

      We don’t pitch, so we spend all our time ensuring our clients get amazing results for the money they invest in our services. This means sometimes, if you’re not already a client, it might take us a week to get back to you. Sure, we could employ sales people but do you really want an agency that spends your money on people who wear suits, have fashionable haircuts and talk about ‘disruption’? We prefer to spend your money on effective search and social campaigns that are beautiful and arresting. And we also spend your money on sweets, but you know, sweets are cheaper than sales reps.

      Month 2

      “OMG My Boss Is Going To Kill Me!”

      month 2 - the fear

      This is what you’ll think for at least 25% of our initial meeting with you, your colleagues and your boss. The status quo will not remain unquestioned. We’ll interrogate the quo, at length. We told you we’re challenging right? That’s for a reason. It unencumbers you from the lies your previous SEO / Social agency told you and, in the long run, it means you’ll do better marketing.

      Month 3

      Give Us Some Space. We Need Some Time To Think.

      month 3 - engage awesomeness

      Seeing results from Search & Social campaigns can take time. This means your digital marketing strategy needs to be bang on. You probably won’t hear much from Noisy Little Monkey for a couple of weeks after our meeting. We use this time to; research, think, analyse, drill into your marketplace. We mull-over what it tells us about your potential customers. We bang our faces into the keyboard while we imagine what it tells us about your competition and we chew our colouring pens while we postulate what it means for your brand.

      Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out.

      We’ll have another meeting (or 3) with you to calibrate our thinking. Before we present our grand design(s) for your success we need to check that the kernel of a plan that we’re developing is going to help your organisation achieve the aspirations you desire. 9/10 we’re on the money here, but on those rare occasions that we've misunderstood what winning looks like - we rip everything up and start all over again.

      We Finally Start ‘Work’

      Once we’re agreed that we’re on the right lines, the real hard work begins. The strategy and it’s practical implementation starts rolling. At this point you’d be justified in beginning to think the end is in sight. NEWSFLASH: IT AIN'T.

      If your current web developer fixed all the hygiene checks EXACTLY to our specification and if we (and your marketing team) hit all the milestones on the content production and social outreach, we should be rolling. In truth, rarely do the stars align so that technical and creative comes off perfectly; you might need to change hosting, your web developers might require a little stick as dessert to their carrot main course. To get as much ROI along the implementation as possible we take an agile approach and as a consequence, this sometimes takes a few months. Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey.

      Months 4-6

      Accurate, Actionable Reports. Not Bullshit Pie.

      months 4 &5. no more terrible pie charts

      You know those graphs you get from your current SEO / Social Media agency? The ones that tell you where the time has been spent and what your ranking is? The ones your boss thinks are important? More bad news. We’re not going to give you those. We only give you reports that contain important information – information upon which we can build recommendations for next steps and tweak the tactics to hit your goals. You’ll get all the information you need, we’ll even give you the workings in the margins but we’re not going to give you some reports that massage your ego if all they’re actually doing is massaging the figures. Our clients love our reports and meetings, but it sometimes takes 3-6 months for clients to realise they couldn't live without them.

      Months 6-8

      Bring On The Win.months 6 to 8. Let the win begin.

      About 6 months in, you’re not seeing little spikes of WIN, you’re seeing consistent upward trends on all the metrics the business sees as important. Leads, sales and repeat orders. Sure your search ranking is doing OK on Google and your social following is producing engagement, but that’s really the foundation… What you actually need is profit and that’s what all the hard work (yours and ours) is finally starting to deliver.

      Months 9-12

      Coaching For More Success.

      months 9-12. Release YOUR inner geek

      Now, every month you’re getting a hygiene report showing you what problems you need to address (or what problems we’ll be addressing on your behalf, depending on your level of retainer). This is like an insurance policy against any bad things happening. Once per quarter we’ll meet face to face for a coaching session on something useful; Analytics, SEO, Social, Local, Mobile, Email, PR, PPC, we’ll work with you and transfer our knowledge as we go.

      Year 2

      U Got Dis.

      year 2 - u got dis gurl!

      About a year in, you should be pretty much on top of everything and doing the digital marketing yourself or being able to direct and manage the output of others (in house or agency side). We’ll keep working with you if you want, on high level strategy or down and dirty techy stuff, but you should be able to fire us and start spending our retainer on sweets for yourself.


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      Jon Payne

      Founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey, Jon blogs about SEO and digital marketing strategy.

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