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      Why Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency? [Video]

      Why Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency? [Video] Featured Image
      Published on Aug 20, 2019 by Jon Payne

      When it comes to getting your digital marketing on track, most businesses have one big decision to make: should you hire someone in-house or outsource to a digital marketing agency?

      In this video, Noisy Little Monkey's Director, Jon, explains the benefits of working with an agency and why you might *maybe, possibly* want to work with Noisy Little Monkey...

      Why Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency? Transcript

      Hi, I'm Jon, one of the directors at Noisy Little Monkey. And I'm here to talk to you about why you should maybe hire an agency, and why if you're the right fit, you should hire Noisy Little Monkey.

      The first thing that I think probably most people think about when they're hiring an agency and certainly when they're confronted with the cost is why don't I just bring that in house? And arguably, you could for the sort of stuff that we'll probably do for you.

      If you wanted to do it without perhaps the big breadth of knowledge that we have, you could probably hire a strategic type person or director, probably a digital marketing director with some experience in the field. Someone who is a bit techie and could do web dev and look at your accessibility and all that kind of stuff, and your SEO, and someone who was probably really focused on content and was a nice mixture of a graphic designer and a great writer. And if you were to find those people in a cracking package and that would work in a brilliant team, my guess is you're probably going to pay about £130,000 a year just to employ them.

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      If you're employing us, you probably not going to be spending that on us. And what would you get for that money? Well, you'd get those people because a business is run by a team of three. Myself and my wife, both have 25 years' experience in marketing and sales. And Tash, our Creative Director, has been in digital marketing specifically for over 10 years, working at Noisy Little Monkey all that time.

      Across our team we've got 14 people who are experts in a number of different things, specifically technical SEO, conversion rate optimization, Google Analytics, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and then bang up-to-date stuff like marketing automation, sales automation, and building AI chat bots. Obviously, they're not AI. That would be ridiculous. They don't pass the Turing Test. But at the end of some of the conversations that people have with the bots that we build on websites, humans say thank you to the chat bots that we've built, even though our chat bot has told them, "I'm not a human," so maybe they nearly pass the Turing Test. Anyway, I digress.

      We also have a load of other schools from the old school, I guess. Graphic design, creating video like this. We can help you understand how events fit into the mix, and we can even give you advice on running events. We run several for hundreds of people down to little evening meetups.

      We can train your sales teams and the way people are buying has changed so radically. People are way more educated about the products and services that you sell because they've educated themselves online, so we can train your sales teams to make themselves a a critical part of that process for your clients. And because we've been doing that for so long, we understand the psychology of how people buy. And all of that combined is a really interesting package, I guess. And the fact that you don't use all of it, all of the time, we'll just pick and choose the bits that are relevant to you in whichever stage of your journey you're in will enable us to drive amazing results for you.

      Amazing results are typically based around how much revenue you want to make or how much profit you want to make. We look at stuff like SEO and traffic from Google, and traffic from Facebook, and all of that stuff. But really, the deep stuff, the most important stuff to our clients and to us is how much money you're going to make, and what's the lifetime value of a customer? How can we drive that up for you? How can we get more of them? So that's what our results are all about and we set our goals at the beginning of the relationship with you and update them every quarter.

      Our best clients have worked with us over a decade because we give them honest feedback. We're not simply yes men telling you that we'll do exactly what you think you should do. We're the experts. Otherwise, why would you pay us? So we'll challenge you on stuff, but we'll also try and have a laugh with you. And by laugh, I don't mean take you out to expensive corporate events on the money that we should be spending on your marketing. I mean, I just employ really cool people who are funny, an

      d quirky, and have great marketing ideas and have a great work ethic, and they'll make you laugh because they make me laugh all the time.

      That's it. We'd love to work with you, if you're the right fit for us. There's a few hoops for you to jump through, if you think you're the right fit. And hopefully, we can welcome you aboard. Cheers.

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      Jon Payne

      Founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey, Jon blogs about SEO and digital marketing strategy.

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