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As Events Manager, it falls to me to tell you why you should attend the next Digital Gaggle marketing conference.  Organising the conference keeps me pretty busy, so some previous delegates jumped in to help tell you why attendance is a must for anyone in marketing.

It’d be pretty easy for me to preach to you about why you should attend Digital Gaggle; I could woo you with the wonderful speaker line-up, brag about the buffet lunch, or tell you that there’s a magician at the networking drinks afterwards. I could do all of that. But, would you buy it? Would you actually just find it inauthentic and a little bit salesy? Yes, I thought. You probably would.

So, like all good managers, I got other people to do it instead.

I asked Digital Gaggle regulars Lily Doble and Sunjay Singh to explain why they love the conference and what keeps them coming back every time.

What makes you want to go to a Digital Gaggle conference?

Lily: Digital Gaggle isn’t like other stuffy boring marketing conferences, it seems to attract all the young beautiful marketers from all over Bristol and it's lush just to have a chat and a sarnie before you go in for all the #knowledge.

Sunjay: Digital Gaggle is a must for anyone who's in marketing. I always learn something new, hear new perspectives, meet new people, AND eat good food! Why wouldn't you go?

What do you make of the speakers?

Lily: I was proper blown away by the last conference - it's massively inspiring hearing so many different voices and stories from all over the industry. It seems that the one prerequisite of speaking at Digital Gaggle is that you're not boring AF - you'll never catch the audience nodding off.

Sunjay: The quality of the speakers are amazing. You get to hear some great stories from people who've achieved a lot and in an age where almost anyone can have a 'voice', that calibre of speaker is just fantastic.

Why do you prefer it to other Bristol conferences?

Lily: It just has a bit of a different vibe to it; it feels a lot friendlier.

Sunjay: I'm not really sure there's any other conference that even competes with Digital Gaggle from both a quality perspective and sheer size perspective. It's truly something special.

What’s your favourite bit of the conference?

Lily: Am I allowed to say the cake? Cake.

Sunjay: I love the breakfast! :) and getting to meet new people.

So - there you have it. Digital Gaggle gives you access to inspirational speakers, feeds you loads of #knowledge, creates oodles of networking opportunities and, apparently, serves up truly memorable food.

The half-day conference ALWAYS sells out and it costs just £48 (+ VAT) to attend. Grab your ticket today and get front row for the Bristol conference which is ‘truly something special’*

 *I promise I didn’t pay Sunjay to say such a nice thing.


Claire Dibben
Claire Dibben

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