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      Why You Should Attend The Digital Gaggle Conference

      Why You Should Attend The Digital Gaggle Conference Featured Image
      Published on Oct 5, 2021 by Claire Dibben

      Digital Gaggle - the conference for marketers in the South West - returns as an in-person AND online event on Thursday 28th October at Bristol's Watershed cinema.

      Having spent the last 18 months watching webinars and conferences from the comfort of your home office (read: bed), now's probably a good time to remind you about the value of attending an event in-person...

      1. Inspiration doesn't come from being sat at your desk all day

      Staring at your screen from 9-5, Monday to Friday churning out your to-do list does not a creative marketer make! If you want to produce new, creative work which really makes an impact on your audience and your bottom line then you need to put yourself in the position to get motivated and inspired.

      By getting out of the office and heading to Digital Gaggle, you'll hear from speakers with new perspectives and get to fill your notebook with lots of fresh new ideas - did you know Gavin Strange from Aardman Animations is on the line-up?

      By putting yourself in a different environment and therefore a new headspace, you can set yourself up for success with your future marketing projects.


      2. There's no distractions!

      We've all been guilty of responding to emails or watching a bit of Netflix whilst simultaneously attending a virtual event, right?

      The value of turning up to an in-person conference is that there are NO distractions. You can immerse yourself fully in the experience, which means you do truly get more out of it.

      This way, you're giving all your attention to the sessions and getting to make new friends face-to-face, rather than promising yourself that you'll go to the networking and not turning up 👀. Yea, I see you.

      3. You make better connections at in-person events

      The one thing virtual events haven't quite nailed - even my own - is connecting people through online networking. Don't get me wrong, there's ways to facilitate connection and conversation online but there is nothing better than talking face to face with like-minded people.

      The in-person version of Digital Gaggle will get you swapping ideas and chatting with peers in your industry throughout the entire day. Who knows, you might connect with someone who helps you find your next job, recommends a great tool, or even helps you solve that tricky marketing problem you've been pondering over for weeks.

      Get your in-person ticket today!

      With speakers from Aardman and LinkedIn amongst the line-up, you're in for a real treat at the next Digital Gaggle. Take a look through the speakers and agenda and don't forget to bag your ticket today.

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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