Why Your Current Ranking on Google is a Key Indicator Of Future SEO Success or Failure

Posted in SEO by Steven Mitchell

Should I track my website's Search Ranking?

At Noisy Little Monkey, we look at your existing online performance to get a sense of how successful your past efforts have been at establishing visibility in organic search.  By doing this, we get an objective view of how active you’ve been, how active other players in your industry tend to be, how well you rank, what you rank for, and so on. But why?

Does it matter?

The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.  More than this, checking out your current online performance - and how that measures up to your competitors – gives us a really good idea of what is and isn’t reasonably possible, and what does and doesn’t tend to work.  It also gives us an indication of how proactive you’ve been in the past, in terms of making updates, being published on other websites, making yourself visible by participating or hosting events and so on.   There are rarely any guarantees when it comes to SEO, but looking at current rankings and past behaviour can be very useful when planning online marketing activity going forward.

What influences it?

Your current ranking is a reflection of an exhaustive number of metrics, including but not limited to:

  • Aspects of technical configuration such as speed, error handling or structure,
  • The quality, quantity, timeliness and visibility of information on your site
  • The language you use as compared to your audience
  • The user journey and user experience your site offers
  • The references to your website on the rest of the internet, through things like social shares, links and citations


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Steven Mitchell
Steven Mitchell

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