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This Christmas, Noisy Little Monkey wanted to give something back to our clients and readers. If you were lucky enough to get an NLM Xmas card this year you'll already have the first two parts of your survival kit (glitter for sparkling at the party and AlkaSeltzer, for the morning after the party). Our final gift for all, is the gift of dance. Specifically speaking, the dance moves you need to pull at your office Christmas party.

Now, unless you have the dancing style and pazazz of Justin Timberlake, you're probably worried about what sweet shapes to pull at the office do. Not to worry, the NLM team have put a lot of time and money (as you can see from the stellar production values) into skillfully crafting some stylish moves to dazzle and impress, or to shock and awe.

So without further ado, feast your festive peepers on our funky Xmas dance moves. Got a favourite? Tweet @NoisyMonkey your favourite #XmasMonkey dance move.


Sophie loves the Dub, she bloomin loves it. In this little video Sophie expertly combines her love of the wubb wubbs with her passion for modern jazz, enjoy!


Tash is a big fan of Rick James and Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and I think it shows.


Sallyanne will show you how to cut a rug good 'n' proper with these simple swirlin steps. Get twerlin! (as apposed to twerkin)


Had too much champers at the Xmas do? Follow Lukes dance moves and faceplant with some panache, because if you're going to pass out you may as well do it in style...


No description available... or possible


Watch and learn as Jon churns out some vintage dance moves and cheesy grins. You'll be the life of the party with these retro dad dance moves. Nice jumper Jon...

And Last but by no means least....

The Team, who would like to wish you a very merry and festive Christmas and a fab and funky work do.

Always remember that there's safety in numbers folks. Get moshing with your fellow office mates and no one will ever notice your rubbish dancing or naff xmas jumpers.


Thanks for watching!


Merry Xmas


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Josh Baldwin
Josh Baldwin

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