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    • Do you believe that online marketing can be a beautiful thing?

      Noisy Little Monkey is a small team of digital marketing professionals, who love working with clients with the ambition and vision to grow their business through clever use of digital marketing tools and creative content. Our culture values, rewards and develops clever people to do amazing work.

      What do we do?

      Marketing | Sales | Automation

      Noisy Little Monkey is a consultancy/agency hybrid that provides clients with inbound marketing and sales strategies, relying on a combination of creative content, SEO and marketing automation. You’ll love being part of a team which solves complex, technical problems and provides elegant solutions.

      The work you do will be both creative and technical. Whether it's writing content, delivering an SEO plan, designing HubSpot workflows or crafting engaging social media campaigns, it's the combination of creativity and practicality that moves it from mediocre to magnificent.

      You’ll be part of a team with a fantastically varied set of skills: from hands-on work like content writing, social media and search term research, to more conceptual automation planning and web project management through to business consultancy that helps our clients use digital technology more effectively to drive business growth.

      Whatever your digital marketing skills and passion, there's definitely room to grow here.



      What is it like working here?

      “I’ve never laughed so much”

      You will laugh a lot, with the team and with clients: we aim to take our work seriously but not ourselves.

      “The days go SO quickly”

      There is lots to do, lots of variety and we work in a focused way. The days and weeks fly by.

      Focused work means you will generally be out the door at 5:00. We actively discourage working on weekends. If you are working too many hours or the days are dragging, then we are doing something wrong (or you are in the wrong job!).

      “It's challenging”

      Work should be challenging - learning and growing is what keeps things interesting. Sometimes it can be bad challenging - there can be rubbish days in any job - but it's also good challenging with new problems, new clients and new ways of working. Working together through challenging projects is the very essence of being part of a supportive team.

      “I am supported to do great work”

      We want everyone to shine. Everyone gets coaching, there are internal and external training opportunities and lots of feedback, love and support.

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      While these should be a given in any job, our past experiences tell us they often aren't. If you work for us, you can expect:

      Hybrid working

      Tied to the office in a nine-to-five job is, thankfully, a thing of the past. Hybrid working gives us huge amounts of flexibility to allow work and life harmoniously to work together.

      We have an office in the fabulous Tobacco Factory in Southville. If you want to work in the office you can. But if you want to work from home that’s OK too. All we ask is that you are in our Bristol office at least four days per month.

      One Friday per month we all get together at the office for a combination of learning, collaboration and social time. Nothing beats face-to-face contact once in a while.

      An inclusive team

      We strive to be inclusive - we aren’t always perfect, but we are committed to being better - including reducing bias in our recruitment process.

      We want to create a diverse, inclusive environment that is welcoming to anyone. Maybe you can help us to improve the diversity of our team in race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, neurodiversity, disability and all the other things that make us human - and if so, we’d love to meet you.

      Care and attention

      One of the benefits of joining a small team is that you do get care and attention. On one level, it's just about treating everyone as human beings who have good days and bad days. Kindness is a superpower that shines even brighter in a small team.

      But when things are more serious, private healthcare makes a huge difference. Vitality Healthcare includes same day GP appointments by video, speedy referrals to specialists and mental health support.

      Trust and autonomy

      If you’ve ever been micro-managed, micro-measured or worked somewhere where you were afraid to just get on with things, then you’ll know what a benefit this is. We trust you to do a good job - with guard rails to start with - but then to just get on with being brilliant.

      Like every other marketing agency, we offer

      A cool work environment

      The Tobacco Factory is the iconic heart of Southville with a buzzing cafe bar, farm shop and theatre.  There’s bike storage and showers here, plus it's North Street with all those fancy BS3 vibes.  If you are in the office on a Friday, we finish at 4pm and head for the Tobacco Factory bar.

      Best of all, Mr Dog and The Chief are usually in residence, just waiting for cuddles and fuss.

      An annual leave allowance that gets better with time

      When you join it's a standard 28 days holiday (including bank holidays) - this rises after two years to a maximum of 35 days.  Plus we have a ‘don’t work your birthday’ policy, which gives you an extra day if your birthday falls on a weekday

      Progression and training

      We want our team to just keep getting better.  We have a structured progression scheme, with a clear set of steps for more junior staff to demonstrate their potential, together with time allocated for learning and development activities, including internal and external training and certifications.  We also run Digital Gaggle, a conference for digital marketing professionals in the South West.

      The small print

      Of course, there’s a pension scheme and all the other statutory elements that you’d expect.

      Sound good? Why not apply...

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