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      Expolink are global specialists in outsourced whistleblowing hotlines. Not the musical kind of whistle though. Y’know, the kind where you anonymously report wrongdoings within an organisation. They were founded in 1995 and have grown significantly over the years; along with their whistleblowing hotline service they also have case management software which their clients can use.

      The client

      Expolink were referred to Noisy Little Monkey by another digital marketing agency that couldn’t help with their problem. What was that problem exactly? Well, they weren’t ranking on Google for their own name. FOR THEIR OWN NAME! This meant that they weren’t getting any organic traffic from search. It also meant that they weren’t being found for the generic search terms that their potential customers were typing in when they had a problem which Expolink could solve. Tricky


      “After our first meeting with Jon and Steven, it was clear to see that they knew what they were talking about, knew our company well and understood the challenges we faced going forward. They helped us improve our website’s overall performance and, along the way, reminded us what we should be doing to keep it ranking well.”
      - Joe Sheppard, Marketing Executive at Expolink
      The approach

      We quickly realised that Expolink was growing really fast – so fast, in fact, that many of the in-house teams needed more clarity on the ethos and values of the business. So, step one was to get the founders, sales team and marketing team all in a room to talk about why the business was set up, where the business wanted to go and who the target market was that they wanted to get in front of.

      Once we had a clear understanding of what Expolink excelled at and how it could solve its client’s problems, we did some search term research to find out how their customers described their problem when searching for an answer to their query online. Based on this work, we wrote targeted content which helped drive their ideal customers to their website. We then left their marketing team with a plan to help them execute this after we’d left the project, which included: writing newsletters, creating regular blogs, and hosting events through the medium of interpretive dance.

      Though, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. A hurdle we faced at the time was Wikileaks. Cast your mind back a few years and you’ll remember that Wikileaks was a bit of a hot topic; there was a real surge of interest in Julian Assange and his website meaning that “whistle blowing service” was hard to be visible for. But, after a while, Expolink started to rank really well on Google. “Hurrah – we’ve smashed it!”, we thought. Not quite. You see, even though Expolink were finally visible on Google, unless the people that were searching for them were already existing customers of the business, then Expolink couldn’t help them. We didn’t want to propagate that.

      How did we solve these challenges for Expolink? It comes back to the search term research we did; we created content for the search terms which were higher up in the sales funnel such as “how to reduce theft by my staff” rather than “whistleblowing service”. We also made sure that their website made it clear that visitors could only report a problem if their company was an existing Expolink customer.

      Mind you, the work we did for Expolink wasn’t all just project stuff. We did a bit of training for them too. At the time, their website was in English and Spanish so we trained a member of their in-house marketing team (a mother tongue Spanish national) on how to do search term research. There’s nothing we love more than transferring our techie knowledge over to in-house teams.


      The results

      What initially started as a one-off SEO project, transformed into a longterm relationship which continues to this day. You see, Expolink were so impressed by our SEO work (and the fact that we had restored their faith in the ability of online marketing to produce valuable leads for a business) that they asked us to redesign their website.

      We did. And we continue to work with them on one-off projects on a regular basis. We love working with the team at Expolink and know how much they enjoy our frank and honest approach to work.

      That, and the fact that we’re frickin’ awesome at digital marketing.

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