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      The Gordon Poole Agency is the UK’s longest established talent agency. The family-run business has over 50 years’ experience in providing guest speakers and talent for events around the entire world. We’re not into name-dropping but if you must know, their portfolio includes the likes of Sir Chris Hoy, Amy Williams MBE, and Brian Blessed (you read it in his voice didn’t you? Good.)

      The brief

      The Gordon Poole Agency approached Noisy Little Monkey after searching for ‘SEO Bristol’ online. They came to us looking for an optimised website redesign and decided that our “straight forward, no bullshit” approach would be a good fit for their company.

      Their website was rich on detail (tick in the SEO box) but very dated (cross in the customer journey box). It wasn’t mobile responsive; it was text heavy and it was built using a bespoke content management system (which meant that updating the website was a long and extremely arduous process). The Gordon Poole Agency needed a new website which drove more booking enquiries, showcased their vast range of talent, and enabled visitors to effectively search for speakers.


      “Noisy Little Monkey are a straightforward, no bullshit, boutique company. I'm a firm believer that good working relationships are key, and this is something Noisy Little Monkey are great at. Customers want to feel like they are valued, which is something their team offers.”

      -James Poole, Managing Director at Gordon Poole


      The approach

      We had a really good chat with the team at the Gordon Poole Agency to suss out the kind of functionality they required from their new website. We learnt that approximately 60% of visitors to their site don’t have a specific speaker in mind and are browsing to get a better idea of speaker options and price. This means the harder it is to search through a catalogue of speakers, the harder it is to make an enquiry. It was clear that having a robust search function was critical to the new build.

      We enlisted the help of our favourite geeks to develop a website which would categorise their 1,000 speakers and make it easy for visitors to find what they were looking for. The internal search function had complex requirements; it needed lots of different filters in order to segment the speakers in lots of different ways. We did rigorous testing pre-launch to make sure that the search engine worked as it should and had a seamless user experience; refining this search function continues to this day.

      The Gordon Poole Agency also needed their new website to drive more booking enquiries over the phone. We included clear “make an enquiry” calls-to-action throughout the entire site and made a click-to-call phone number to increase mobile enquiries.

      We supported the Gordon Poole Agency with their site launch and, as with all of our web builds, were on hand three months after the project ended to help answer any questions and fix any issues.

      The results

      The Gordon Poole Agency now has a website which meets their criteria for a fashion-conscious design and great search functionality. We continue to work with them on their search engine optimisation and are aggressively working to improve the site’s ranking for their generic search terms.

      We meet up every three months to review their website health and provide recommendations to help them improve their traffic and conversions. We love working with the team at the Gordon Poole Agency despite the fact that they’ve ignored our multiple requests to get Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson, to visit our offices.



      Before photo of the Gordon Poole website before redesign





      Gordon Poole website after the redesign

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