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      Kyero is the multi-million dollar real estate platform for buying, renting and selling property throughout Spain and Portugal with ambition to grow into France and Italy. With over 200,000 properties listed, Kyero is unique in its use of machine learning to deliver an amazing Inbound experience.

      The Challenge

      Kyero approached Noisy Little Monkey after they had gone through the standard HubSpot onboarding and realised that they were unable to map their business processes to the way HubSpot worked. They’d also made a series of poor technical decisions which had led to a serious traffic problem: within a period of a couple of months, Kyero lost 30 - 40%  of their organic search traffic (we’re talking millions of visitors a year) which was their primary source of new business.

      Kyero engaged Noisy Little Monkey to successfully migrate their disparate business systems to the HubSpot platform and fully lever the Inbound methodology in Sales and Marketing to create a predictable new business pipeline.


      What I really like about Noisy Little Monkey is if they can't help us, they’ll tell us. There’s no sense of being upsold, or moved in a direction that we don't want to go in. The way they work is very customer-service oriented and the sense I get from them is: sure they’re a business, sure they’re about profit, but they want to do that in the context of helping their clients achieve what they want to achieve.
      -Martin Dell, Founder at Kyero.com


      The Solution

      The first step Noisy Little Monkey took was an audit of Kyero’s website and online marketing activity. This gave us the opportunity to review how Kyero was using HubSpot and to provide them with fixes and guidance on how to better align their marketing with HubSpot best practice. 

      The audit also provided Kyero with guidance on how to get their traffic ranking back on track;  Noisy Little Monkey’s organic SEO experts consulted with Kyero’s IT team to help them understand what had killed their organic search ranking and the steps they needed to take in order to become more visible on search. Some 12 months later and organic traffic has climbed from a couple of hundred sessions per month to hundreds of thousands of sessions.

      Following the audit, Noisy Little Monkey supported Kyero with HubSpot Accelerated Activation. This is where Noisy Little Monkey’s team of experts train new HubSpot customers on best practice and help them to map internal legacy processes to HubSpot’s capabilities. With over five year’s experience of implementing HubSpot for businesses across Europe, Noisy Little Monkey are able to accelerate what can often be an overwhelming process. We follow a proven process and build close partnerships with multiple stakeholders on the client side which enables us to achieve in three months what typically takes direct HubSpot clients a year. 

      A key pillar of our methodology is running workshops. On this occasion we started by running a workshop with senior members of the Kyero team in order to document their sales process, including handover of leads from marketing and customer service. We defined this mechanism step-by-step and demonstrated how they could overlay automation and use HubSpot to streamline their sales process and remove friction from their flywheel. Following the workshop, we built these newly agreed processes into HubSpot for Kyero so they could really hit the ground running. 

      Noisy Little Monkey’s HubSpot activation wasn’t just limited to sales enablement. We also:

      • Retired or integrated multiple software applications such as Help Scout, Zapier, Salesforce, Gravity Forms into HubSpot 
      • Helped Kyero understand what to report on and set up accurate reporting dashboards and sales forecasting pipelines
      • Trained Kyero on deal stage management
      • Reviewed and optimised their sales, marketing and service email templates and enabled them for automation
      • Set up a/b testing for their email newsletter which goes out to 1m+ monthly subscribers
      • Set up workflows, sequences, and lead scoring so that SQLs could be better qualified and be assigned to relevant members of their sales team across Europe 
      • Put together a comprehensive 120-page Inbound strategy


      All of this was achieved in the first three months of working with Kyero. After we’d set them up with HubSpot, Kyero became a user of Noisy Little Monkey’s Virtual HubSpot Manager service. This pretty much does what it says on the tin: alongside setting up and modifying workflows, sequences, templates and automation, Noisy Little Monkey also ensures that clients are meeting HubSpot best practice, showing them new tools and tricks to help them get the most from the platform.


      The results

      With the help of HubSpot and Noisy Little Monkey, Kyero now has a recurring and predictable new business pipeline that they didn’t have 18 months previously. Kyero also has around 10 - 15% of their monthly revenue generated from new business - that’s up from 0% before they started working with our team.

      And how’s this for a by product? Because SEO is in Noisy Little Monkey’s DNA, Kyero have also seen their organic traffic skyrocket… That’s really making their flywheel spin.


      HubSpot analytics showing the increase in organic search traffic

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