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      Route 101 was rebranding and needed a new HubSpot website to match their new identity. Since partnering with Noisy Little Monkey on the web build, Route 101 has seen their web traffic double and leads increase by 53%.

      The Stats

      Web traffic doubled!

      53% more leads

      65% more sales

      New brand, new website... and a daunting deadline!

      In 2020, Route 101 underwent a major rebrand: new name, new assets... Everything had an overhaul. A rebrand at this scale meant that a new website was urgently needed and deadlines were tight.

      Being a marketing team of one, Tessa (Route 101's Digital Marketing Manager) knew that she lacked the time and the HubSpot expertise to turn a project of that scale around so quickly. Knowing that Noisy Little Monkey were a HubSpot Solutions Partner, Tessa approached us because she trusted our expertise and how we would approach the web design project.

      Replatforming from WordPress to HubSpot

      Tessa had ongoing concerns about the security of Route 101's existing WordPress site and it didn't give her the flexibility she needed to do what she wanted within her marketing plan. Because Route 101 was already using the HubSpot CRM and landing page features, it made sense to bring everything under the HubSpot umbrella using HubSpot CMS and tie their flywheel activity and website together for better closed-loop reporting.

      The first part of the web build involved advising Route 101 on how to optimise their site for organic search results. The Noisy Little Monkey SEO team consulted with Tessa on site structure; making recommendations for the site structure, page types and how to optimise their new site for keywords focused on Route 101’s services. Another element of the project included a HubSpot audit and coaching to help Route 101 get the most functionality from their growing tech stack.

      To accommodate Route 101's tight timescales, the team took an agile approach and launched the site in two phases. Regular correspondence via Zoom and Invision ensured that communication remained open and Route 101 had their new site within just 13 weeks. 

      53% more leads and 65% more sales

      Since go-live, Route 101 has seen their web traffic double, generated 53% more leads and closed 65% more sales. 

      Route 101 Hannah Testimonial Video USE FINAL-1
      A screenshot showing the sessions to Route 101s website doubling since the launch of their new HubSpot website

      Replatforming from WordPress to HubSpot has been ‘an absolute game changer’ for the team at Route 101 as it's given them a 'degree of synchronisation which they didn't have before'. It’s given Tessa the flexibility to add new content and adapt the site at the drop of a hat. Since the build, Route 101 has added three new technology partners to their portfolio and adding new pages to represent this has, in her words, ‘been incredibly easy’. That's what we like to hear!


      Route 101's previous homepage and their old brand: Unify Communications


      Route 101's new home page on a HubSpot CMS


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