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      IMSM are leading ISO specialists. Along with delivering ISO consultancy, they also help businesses become ISO certified. By becoming ISO certified, organisations are able to demonstrate to potential customers that they meet industry standards and cement themselves as a trusted symbol of quality in the marketplace.

      The Stats


      Increase in organic traffic


      Increase in organic contact conversion rate


      Increase in new organic contacts

      IMSM are leading ISO specialists. Along with delivering ISO consultancy, they also help businesses become ISO certified. By becoming ISO certified, organisations are able to demonstrate to potential customers that they meet industry standards and cement themselves as a trusted symbol of quality in the marketplace.

      The brief

      IMSM approached Noisy Little Monkey with three distinct problems which they needed solving. Firstly, they needed help to lever the maximum potential of HubSpot Marketing Enterprise. While they were excited by what the platform had to offer, their marketing team were barely using it and their sales team didn’t understand it. In short, they were spending money on a marketing platform  which they weren’t using. Secondly, IMSM were looking for an agency to help grow their organic web traffic and improve conversion rates.

      “Before Noisy Little Monkey we were struggling to configure the HubSpot platform and understand how it worked. Noisy Little Monkey taught us how to use HubSpot effectively from creating landing pages, lead capture forms, workflows and amending the system to suit our needs. They have also taught us how to create content that people actually want to read! Thanks to Noisy Little Monkey we now rank organically for some search terms and receive new leads!”

      -Olivia Franklin, Senior Marketing Executive at IMSM 


      The approach

      Noisy Little Monkey kicked things off with an inbound marketing audit of IMSM’s online marketing activity. This super detailed report (all 90 pages of it) helped the team spot opportunities and understand where there were gaps in their sales and marketing processes. From this we were able to pull together a comprehensive list of foundational fixes which would improve traffic and turn their website into a conversion machine. 

      One of the quick wins identified from the audit was that IMSM were missing out on loads of conversion opportunities because they had so much consideration stage content on the website which they were giving away for free but not collecting information about the prospects who downloaded it. One of our first priorities was to gate this content behind forms so that IMSM could begin to capture leads for their sales team. Working alongside their Senior Marketing Executive, we worked collaboratively to create landing pages, emails, and automated workflows which would nurture leads through their sales pipeline. 

      Following the audit, we produced an inbound marketing roadmap which comprehensively outlined their online marketing strategy for the next 12 months (it was a whopping 70 pages!) As part of the roadmap process, the Noisy Little Monkey team developed a set of buyer personas so that we could better understand who IMSM’s ideal customers were and target them with helpful and relevant content which would attract them to their website. From this, we created a content plan targeted around search terms which we knew their buyer personas were typing into Google.

      One of our most successful campaigns for IMSM was focused on the promotion of ISO 45001. The content for this campaign - which targeted top, middle and bottom of funnel searches with phrases such as ‘benefits of ISO 45001’ and ‘ISO 45001 cost’ - garnered an answer box for IMSM. That’s a prime bit of real estate on Google.


      Costs of ISO 45001

      Search for 'cost of ISO 45001' on Google in June 2019.


      Besides increasing traffic and conversions on IMSM’s website, another one of our objectives was to enable their sales and marketing teams to get more from HubSpot. The first job was to get their key stakeholders from both teams in a room so that we could figure out gaps in their process and understand how we could remove friction from first contact with a lead through to successful sale. Our senior team facilitated a sales and marketing alignment workshop where we mapped out their current sales process, figured out what needed to be improved, and identified what elements the HubSpot Platform could automate to save time and put more focus on the buyer.

      We’ve also consulted with their team about how to set up the HubSpot Sales tools so that they can train their area managers on how to use the platform. The training has also meant that their senior team now have more clarity and understanding on what web visitors/conversions have turned into customers.


      The Results

      In less than a year, Noisy Little Monkey has increased IMSM’s organic traffic by 36% and grown their organic contact conversion rate by 90%. The number of new organic contacts had grown by 158%.

      However, it’s not just about the numbers; Noisy Little Monkey have added value beyond the original objectives of boosting site traffic and conversions…We’ve skilled up their team so that they can use HubSpot confidently and independently; we’ve facilitated important conversations amongst stakeholders about the importance of sales and marketing alignment; we’ve given them a new framework to work with and provided IMSM with a common language so that there’s much clearer communication.

      But hey, let's not end this case study with us tooting our own horn. Here's a summary from IMSM about what it's like to work with the team at Noisy Little Monkey:

      "The team at Noisy Little Monkey are approachable and have a positive attitude towards any work required. They can be relied upon to deliver results and meet deadlines - even those deadlines that spring out of nowhere!  Overall, working with Noisy Little Monkey isn’t a chore - it’s fun!"

      Olivia Franklin, IMSM.

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