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Nestled among the rolling hills of the Mendips is Yeo Valley Venues. Owned by the lovely folks of Yeo Valley Family Farm (they’re the people that make the delicious organic yoghurts), the venue space offers up six quirky meeting rooms for hire. Whether you’re looking for conference rooms or somewhere to host a team building day, Yeo Valley Venues is the perfect creative getaway from the bustle of the city-office life.


The team at Yeo Valley Venues were looking for an agency to improve the visibility and increase awareness of the Yeo Valley Venues website. Despite having some amazing meeting spaces available just outside of Bristol, the website wasn’t ranking well on Google for ‘meeting rooms’ within their location.


Back in 2011, the Noisy Little Monkey team were working in Shepton Mallet and Yeo Valley Venues got in touch because they wanted to work with a local agency. We met with the Yeo Valley HQ Managers at their site in Blagdon and they immediately fell in love with Jon (our Technical Director) and decided that Noisy Little Monkey were just the right people to help increase site visibility for the Yeo Valley Venues brand.

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"We did a Google search for 'Search Engine Optimisation Bristol or Somerset', and although Noisy Little Monkey didn't pop up as the first, when we opened their website, we liked the tone and humour instantly."


Claire Davies, Yeo Valley HQ Manager

The Approach


As with all new projects, we kicked things off with a meeting to suss out exactly what Yeo Valley Venues wanted to achieve and who they were trying to attract to their website.


Back at Monkey HQ, we completed some search term research and used this to create page titles, meta descriptions and URLs which would target what their ideal customers were searching for. From this research, we made some recommendations to help them improve their ranking and suggested that they create landing pages for directions from different locations to their venue (which would help target the search terms their ideal customers were typing into search engines).


We also looked over their website and discovered lots of limitations which were preventing Yeo Valley Venues from converting more visitors into sales enquiries on their site. At the time their website was a bit clunky; it wasn’t mobile responsive and navigating around the site was hard for users because it wasn’t very intuitive. We made a few suggestions to help them make the site a bit more slick.


A few months down the line, Yeo Valley Venues decided that to get the most from all their additional web traffic, they needed to quit applying sticking plasters to their existing website and build one that was optimised with search, social and conversions in mind from the ground up. They asked us to take on the project and without hesitation, we said yes. Working closely with two partner agencies, we produced a website which was optimised for search, mobile responsive, and beautiful to boot. In fact, we delivered the website in just five weeks. We met this short deadline by helping the client write a workable brief and having weekly face-to-face meetings to ensure that what we were producing aligned with their vision, the brand personality and tone of voice.


The Results


Screenshot of the Yeo Valley Venues website


We’ve built up a great relationship with their team and continue to work with Yeo Valley Venues on a consultancy basis. When the site launched, we trained them up on how to use WordPress and update the pages. Since then, we’ve also helped them figure out how best to manage ticketing for their events and have even trained them up on social media.


Think the team at Noisy Little Monkey could help with your SEO or web build? We’d love to hear from yeo (sorry).