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BLB Solicitors has the dubious honour of being Noisy Little Monkey’s longest-serving client. A law firm with regional offices across the South West of England, BLB Solicitors is the leading Chronic Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Solicitors in the country and Richard Lowes, a Senior Partner at the firm, is the foremost CRPS solicitor in the UK.

The Stats


Increase in sessions from Aug 2016 to Aug 2017


Increase in sessions from Aug 2017 to Aug 2018


Increase in organic sessions from Aug 2017 to Aug 2018

The Brief

Something that’s been in place since even before we started working together is strategy to use two websites - one for general legal cases, conveyancing, etc and one for Richard’s specific area of expertise. As such, in addition to the main website, BLB Solicitors has a satellite site which focuses on Chronic Pain cases. Traffic to this site had reached a plateau and Richard was eager to make the site work harder for his firm. He challenged the team at Noisy Little Monkey to increase the organic traffic and generate more enquiries for the business.

Quote mark

Noisy Little Monkey’s user friendliness is what stands out. If we ever have a problem, or something needs looking at immediately, I know I can pick up the phone and speak to somebody who is familiar with us and our website and I know that the situation will be sorted immediately.


Richard Lowes, Senior Partner at BLB Solicitors 


Increase in organic sessions from Aug '17 to Aug '18

The Approach


At this point, Noisy Little Monkey had been providing BLB Solicitors with quarterly consultancy around their digital marketing strategy for several years. The thing that kept coming up in our discussions was that while Richard and his team published a lot of Chronic Pain related blog posts, they weren’t necessarily producing content that matched search intent for each stage of their potential clients’ decision making process. It was this type of content which would be the key factor in driving more traffic to their site. 


So, the SEO team at Noisy Little Monkey coached Richard on how to produce content which was user-focused and optimised for search engines. Through regular phone calls and quarterly meetings, the team gave Richard pointers on how to optimise his content; this included providing him with examples of appropriate blog titles, spotting opportunities and quick wins, and delivering recommendations based on exhaustive search term research.


Richard spent a few months writing and publishing well-researched, thoughtful content on the BLB Chronic Pain blog. We’re not talking one blog here and there either, Richard was posting around 15 blogs a month on the site - the man is a content generating machine! His efforts didn't go unrewarded and, within a couple of months, his traffic started to snowball.


Chart showing the increase in organic traffic to the BLB Chronic Pain site from Aug '16 to July '18Chart showing the increase in organic traffic to the BLB Chronic Pain site from Aug '16 to July '18


Richard has consistently maintained that level of content production and, by writing expertly on both the legal and medical perspective of Chronic Pain, Richard has successfully positioned the BLB Chronic Pain site as a trusted resource within the chronic pain community and, possibly most importantly, Google’s index.


The Results


The consistent production of well-thought-out, search-optimised content on the BLB Chronic Pain site lead to a 445% Year on Year increase in the amount of sessions from all sources (quite a bit of it was social traffic - Richard’s blogs get shared widely). The following year, sessions from organic search increased by a ginormous 600%. Impressive growth but it would be foolish of Noisy Little Monkey to take sole credit for the incredible growth of organic traffic to BLB’s Chronic Pain site.

In fact, it’s fair to say that the results generated for BLB Solicitors are the product of a fantastic collaborative relationship; Richard and his team not only published heaps of relevant content, they shared the same curiosity as us when it came to exploring fixes for the website. It was this open-minded approach to problem-solving which allowed us to produce such incredible results.