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TruffleShuffle is an online retailer which sells retro t-shirts and gifts to the masses. Whether you’re a Star Wars superfan, a Goonies geek, or an 80s movie obsessive – you’re bound to find some delightfully branded up bric-a-brac on their ecommerce site. We love their stuff!

"My team got on really well with the Monkeys and we have developed a great trust in their ability to guide us along whatever path we ask them for help with!"
Pat Wood - Managing Director at TruffleShuffle

We met TruffleShuffle at a networking event a few years back and when they were in the process of building a new mobile responsive website, they approached us for consultancy on the project. Even though they had a ton of experience in managing an ecommerce site, the owners Pat and Claire wanted our input on site structure and how to incorporate best practice user experience into their redesign. You can read more about how we worked alongside TruffleShuffle by downloading the case study. 

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