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       SEO For Solicitors

      The Stats


      organic traffic growth YOY.


      new contacts.


      Organic traffic tripled in 3 years.

      The brief

      The firm were planning the redesign of their website and were keen to find out how search optimised content and inbound marketing could generate more traffic to their site. Like most law firms, the results required were more website traffic, more leads and more clients.


      “We're still not sure why they are called Noisy Little Monkey, but their advice and help has been crucial to us. Their ability to explain complex and changing information about the opportunities available online has really given us an advantage over our competitors. They are definitely now very much part of our team.”

      -Amy King, Marketing Executive at Porter Dodson

      The approach

      By using marketing automation and writing search optimised content, Noisy Little Monkey helped Porter Dodson see tangible results from their marketing activity. 

      We delivered a content strategy and website structure that turned strangers into website visitors, converted the best of these into qualified leads and supported the fee earners as they won new clients.

      One of the most successful campaigns we planned and executed for Porter Dodson was their divorce campaign.

      Search for the term "can my ex-wife get my pension?" on Google and you'll find that Porter Dodson has an answer box for this specific query - that's a prime bit of Google real estate.


      Can my ex-wife get my pension screenshot.

      Source: Google June 2019


      How did Noisy Little Monkey help Porter Dodson climb to the elusive 'position 0' spot on Google? By writing targeted content, supported by search term research, which answers the question their prospective clients are typing into Google.

      The blog post 'can my ex-wife get my pension?' provides an answer to their problem and supports them with valuable information during the research phase of the buyer's journey. This content is what attracts strangers to the website.

      When the prospect clicks to read this blog post, they see a call-to-action which offers additional useful information. In this case, the call-to-action is to download a free guide called '6 Key Decisions For A Successful Divorce'.

      In order to receive the guide, prospects are asked to fill out a form submitting a few key details including email address and location. These prospects are then entered into an automated email workflow that sends them the guide and qualifies them as a lead based on the criteria they submitted on the form. 

      The results

      Inbound marketing is a win-win; the prospective clients are receiving help and advice tailored to their specific needs, and our legal client are receiving highly qualified, nurtured leads - and in this example, since our client is the first solicitor the prospect will speak to, our client is in pole position to win the business.

      With Noisy Little Monkey's strategic input, Porter Dodson's inbound marketing campaigns have driven 33% more traffic to their website. 

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