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Netitude, one of the top Managed IT Service Providers in the UK, has seen a significant increase in organic traffic since teaming up with Noisy Little Monkey on their Search Engine Optimisation.



Netitude first approached Noisy Little Monkey because they were spending an ever growing chunk of their marketing budget on PPC and weren’t seeing the ROI they were expecting. Their PPC agency was also advising them on organic SEO and it just felt like they weren’t getting the value they deserved. Netitude were after the help of an SEO agency to boost their visibility online and generate more traffic and leads for their sales team without being reliant on PPC.



Things kicked off with an Inbound Marketing Audit where the Noisy Little Monkey team looked over Netitude’s website and online marketing activity. The audit shone a light on how Netitude performed against their competitors, identified the holes in their existing online marketing strategy, and highlighted opportunities for quick wins or long-term improvements. 


The recommendations in the audit formed the basis of an Inbound Marketing Strategy for the Netitude team. The Inbound Marketing Strategy is a 6-month comprehensive plan we produce for clients to guide them in their online marketing investment. It included content ideas to help Netitude boost their visibility in the organic search results for phrases focused around the search intent of their target customers, including topics like ‘How much does remote IT support cost?’ and ‘Why use VoIP for business?’.


Like most marketing teams - the gang at Netitude didn’t have the time or experience to start writing search engine optimised content right away - so initially we wrote them all, to give the in-house team an idea of what great looks like. Now, they write content that ranks on search and is useful to users with ease!


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They're a very open and honest company. They give it to you straight up, they don't sugarcoat things. That's why I put my trust in Noisy Little Monkey; they are like an extension of my team.

Lily Howell, Marketing Executive at Netitude


After we’d agreed what a successful online marketing strategy looked like for Netitude, they enlisted us to help boost the organic rankings and conversions on some key landing pages focused on converting leads in the local area. We did a Local SEO audit, optimised their website and improved local listings for local searches.


Our Conversion Rate Optimisation team set to work on reworking the on-page copy and optimising the layout to boost conversions, running a/b tests on calls-to-action, landing pages and images - after all, what’s the point in sending traffic to a page if you’re not going to convert it into leads?




October 2019 saw Netitude’s organic traffic declining. Fast forward to July 2020 and their organic traffic has increased by 98%. That’s a result they’re pretty pleased with. The fact it continues to grow delights them.


Graph showing growth in organic sessions for NetitudeGraph showing the increase in organic sessions for Netitude from Oct 2019 to July 2020


We continue to work with Netitude in our monthly coaching sessions where our team of experts coach them in SEO and inbound best practice. We’ve also just completed a series of workshops helping them with their sales and marketing alignment so that they can drive sustainable business growth.


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