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Content marketing strategy

Publishing high quality content on your website should be part of your digital marketing strategy.  A diverse portfolio of relevant content will generate traffic from potential customers, increase your visibility across the breadth of organic search terms and, if nothing else, demonstrate that you are experts in your field.  Providing valuable information and insights is one of the surest ways to promote your business online. However, it's not always as straightforward as it seems.

  • Perhaps the content you are writing is getting hardly any traffic and you are dispirited that all your efforts seem to go to waste?
  • Are you concerned that your blogs just aren’t very ‘good’ or you don’t feel that your content has the creative flair that your competitors have?
  • The most common complaint we hear is that teams simply don’t have enough time to write content and that it's hard to measure any return on investment.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing refers to the process of planning, managing, producing and measuring the effectiveness of content on your website - whether that’s blogs, landing pages, video or visual content.

A content marketing strategy is vitally important to ensure that your content is produced with purpose, according to a structure that fits in with your other digital activity and your wider business goals. A solid content marketing strategy should use marketing personas to inform what content you need, what platform it should live on, and what tone of voice it should use- and it should be backed with rock solid search term research to maximise the chances that it will deliver results.

Once you have a strategy, you need a plan to deliver it.  A content plan may be clustered around campaigns or else integrated with your wider marketing plans.  You need a plan - you may also need ideas of how you are actually going to produce this content in a way that keeps it fresh and interesting.

Once you’ve written the content, it's vital that you promote it.  Generally, this is the job of social media - both earned and paid.

And finally you need to measure and evaluate what you write, so that you can write more of what works!  

How can we help?

Noisy Little Monkey is a Bristol based digital marketing agency.  Our background is in technical SEO, website health, content creation and social media marketing.  

If you are looking to ensure your content works harder for your marketing, you might want help with:

  • Content marketing strategy:  part of a wider digital marketing strategy, this will give you loads of ideas and guidance on writing and improving your content
  • Content creation:  we can write high quality blog posts, landing pages, content offers, and web pages that hit your target personas 
  • Content promotion:  ensuring your content is seen through social media and paid ads
  • Content planning and measurement: undertaking a full content audit of your website, then creating a plan to improve it and continuing to coach you until you are confident that it's working.

Noisy Little Monkey work in a flexible, supportive way, tailoring services to what you need.  From full on content writing and social media marketing to lighter touch strategy development and coaching, we can help you make sense of your content.

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