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    • Digital Marketing With No Budget

      Marketing during a crisis is hard, especially if you've been stripped of your budget and are still expected to generate results for your business. This page is stuffed full of links to blog posts, ebooks, templates, and other resources to help you achieve traction with limited resource.


      Tips & Resources For Marketing During A Crisis


      This is a work in progress - we'll be adding loads more links in the next few weeks. For now, contents of the knowledge bank include:

      1. SEO Tips + Resources
      2. Defining SMART Goals and reviewing budgets 
      3. How to increase conversions
      4. Tools and resources from brands we trust
      5. Free tools for marketers

      SEO Tips and Resources

      SEO Tips & Resources 

      The COVID-19 crisis is having a huge impact on the search behaviour of your prospects. As such, there's never been a better time to invest in your SEO. 

      The Anatomy of a Blog Post: How To Write SEO Articles

      There's no point in writing a blog post just for the sake of it. You want to make sure the content you're writing is search-optimised and drives traffic to your site. This infographic shows you how to write a blog post with SEO in mind.

      How To Build SEO Into Your Website

      If you're building a site from scratch, or redesigning an existing site, take a look through this ebook which will help you figure out: 

      - How to optimise your website around the search terms that your customers are using

      - How to show Google why YOU should rank above your competitors

      - The importance of content and how it can help your rankings



      How To Do Keyword Research For Content

      So you know you need to write optimised content for your website, but where do you even start?! This blog post explains how to do keyword research for your business step-by-step and also signposts you to some useful resources so you know exactly what tools to use.

      SEO vs PPC: Which Is The Silver Bullet?

      PPC can help you deliver short-term results but it costs an awful lot of money. Work on your SEO now and you'll be laying the foundations for your business' future success. This is a great blog post if you need to illustrate the pros and cons of PPC to your boss.

      Is My SEO Agency Ripping Me Off?

      Got an existing SEO agency? Use this blog to figure out whether you'e really getting bang for your buck.

      Budgets + Goals

      Budgets & Goals

      Your marketing budget is either significantly reduced or it's been cut entirely. Here's a few resources to help you figure out where to focus your marketing activity in order to drive the most return for your business.

      How To Set Smart Goals For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

      STOP. Take a breath. It's incredibly likely right now that the marketing goals you set earlier in the year need a serious overhaul. Read this post to figure out how to set SMART goals for your revised digital marketing strategy (which tie in to your revenue targets).

      Measurement Framework: Learn How To Set Marketing Objectives Which Reflect Business Objectives

      This e-book is based on a measurement framework from Avinash Kaushik. This guide will help you develop a clear understanding of your organisation's business objectives and allow you to directly map your day-to-day activity to influence them in a meaningful and measurable way.

      Marketing Budget Slashed? How To Achieve Growth

      Disclaimer: we wrote this blog about marketing in a 'post-Brexit' world. Turns out that post-Brexit world is one with a global pandemic but the advice and tips in here are very much still relevant.

      Increase Conversions

      Increase Conversions On Your Website

      Sometimes small tweaks can make a big difference to the amount of conversions you get on your website. Here's a few videos and blog posts to help you identify the changes you can make that will ramp up enquiries for your brand.

      10 Conversion Rate Optimisation Experiments You can Run On Your Site Right Now

      This is a 30-minute talk from Noisy Little Monkey's marketing conference called Digital Gaggle. If your conversions have dropped off a cliff, why not do some of the a/b tests as suggested by CRO expert Adam Babajee-Pycroft in this video.

      How To Influence Buyers To Grow Profit

      Join Jon Payne as he reveals the secrets of how we all think and learn about the psychological triggers you can deploy to improve conversion rates at every step of the marketing and sales process.

      Conversion XL - Conversion Optimisation Guide

      The folks over at Conversion XL run a ton of useful online courses to help marketers become conversion masters but you don't have the budget for that right now. What you do have though, is the ability to sit down and read through their in-depth guide to Conversion Optimisation. Yep, all the info in their guide is totally free and there's TONS of it.

      Resources From Brands We Trust

      Resources from brands we trust

      Moz - Whiteboard Fridays

      A free video series for marketers looking to learn about SEO. From beginner through to expert, there's plenty of content here for you to chew through and learn from,

      Seth Godin's Blog

      Adding this one because Seth has many profound words of wisdom about marketing and if you're lacking inspiration, his musings will be sure to perk you up.

      HubSpot Academy

      Free courses on all sorts of topics: inbound marketing, email marketing, social media, sales enablement, strategy, video marketing. You name it, they got it. Seriously, the HubSpot academy is a seriously good learning resource and one which we'd highly recommend checking out.

      Hootsuite - Social Media Calendar Guide

      A really in-depth guide taking you through how to set up a content calendar for social media. Loads of links to templates too so they've basically done the hard work for you.

      Google Digital Garage

      More free online training courses - huzzah!

      Digital Gaggle - Full Conference Talks

      Digital Gaggle is Noisy Little Monkey's biannual digital marketing conference. You can watch all eight of the talks from the September 2019 edition of the conference for free. Enjoy!

      The Tools You Need In Your Life

      Free tools for the discerning marketer

      Here's a small selection of free tools we'd recommend for the discerning marketer. We'll add more over the next few weeks!


      Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool. Their free plan offers you 3 social profiles, 30 scheduled messages, and 1 user. 


      Canva enables you to create images for blogs, social media, and just about any other digital platform you can think of. It's fantastic if you're not brilliant at design either as it's full of ready-made templates you can use.

      HubSpot Free CRM

      The team at HubSpot pride themselves on offering a CRM which is "free, forever". Great news for you. We use it at Noisy Little Monkey and think it's fantastic for inbound marketing and sales teams. Get in touch if you want a free demo.


      Wistia is a brilliant tool to help you grow your business with video. Their free plan offers a/b testing, up to 250 subscribers, and three free videos to embed anywhere. You should also check out their Soapbox product which lets you record video for free.

      Answer The Public

      This is a search listening tool for marketers. Get data and raw search insights direct from the minds of your prospects and customers and use it to inform your content strategy.


      See how visitors are really using your website. Hotjar uses heat maps and behavior tracking to help you inform your marketing strategy,

      Free Stock Videos

      Links to loads of sites here so you don't need to pay to use video. Hurrah! 

      Free Image Sites

      Same as above, but different.