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Bristol HubSpot User Group

25 Feb, 2020

The HubSpot User Group (HUG) is a free event for HubSpot users in the South West who want to share knowledge and learn practical tips to get more out of the tool.

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From 1pm - 3.30pm on Tuesday 25th February, James Mulvaney (Digital Account Manager at Noisy Little Monkey) will teach attendees about Conversion Rate Optimisation and how to get more leads from the same amount of web traffic.

During the talk, you'll learn: 

- What exactly CRO is and why it’s important
- How to conduct an audit of your website to identify CRO quick wins
- What tools you should use to track user behaviour and conversions
- Examples of A/B tests run by large corporates and SMEs that you can apply to your own website
- How to use HubSpot to set up tests and review the results

Find out more about what to expect at a HUG - free lunch is included by the way - and book your spot at the February meet-up by clicking the button below.Save your virtual seat at the September event!

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