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Bristol HubSpot User Group

18 Sep, 2018

The Bristol HubSpot User Group is a free quarterly meet-up for professional marketers and business owners who are interested in learning more about HubSpot and marketing automation. Don't worry - it's more fun than it sounds! At each event, you can expect a world-class speaker talking on a digital marketing topic, friendly faces, free food and free beer. See, told you it was more fun you thought it would be.

The Next Event: Unlock The Power Of Video With Vidyard

Video has been proven to boost sales response rates, drive SEO performance, hit registration targets, close more deals – the list goes on. On Tuesday 18th September, Jennifer Huang from Vidyard will be sharing the ways video can be used across the organization from marketing to sales. Organisations are leveraging HubSpot tools and video across different teams to generate awareness, educate their customers to prime them for their offering, build demand, and ultimately, create shorter sales cycles.

During this talk, you'll learn how to:

  1. Generate new and qualified leads
  2. Understand the ROI behind your video content
  3. Increase conversions in your sales cycle
  4. Drive website, social media, and content engagement
  5. Deliver personalized experiences for your prospects and customers

You can book your ticket for the next HubSpot User Group using the button below - hurry though, these free spaces always get snapped up sharpish!

Find out more and grab your spot at the next HUG!

About Vidyard

Vidyard is the video platform for business that helps organisations drive more revenue through the use of online video. Going beyond video hosting and management, Vidyard helps businesses drive greater engagement in their video content, track the viewing activities of each individual viewer, and turn those views into action. Global leaders such as Honeywell, LinkedIn, Citibank and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their video content strategies and turn viewers into customers.

About The Speaker

Jennifer Huang is leading the expansion and growth initiatives in EMEA of the leading video platform for business, Vidyard. Based out of the tech scene in Shoreditch, London, she curates community events for our customers and enjoys connecting our technology partners with the power of video. Acting as an alumni part of startup fellowships such as Venture for Canada and Cansbridge, she's always up for meeting people involved in the high growth tech scene.

Photo of Jennifer Huang

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