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Bristol HubSpot User Group September

2 Sep, 2019

At the next free HubSpot User Group event on Monday 2nd September, you'll learn how to do more effective reporting using HubSpot tools.

Next Event: How To Define, Report On & Analyse The KPIs For Your Business In HubSpot

In an ever more digital and numbers-driven business environment, companies have access to a huge amount of data. As marketers, this data is extremely valuable because if you can fully understand and interpret your business' data, you can leverage it to get more ROI from your marketing activity.


At the next meet-up, which will be part presentation and part interactive workshop, you'll learn from Marc Ollmann who is an Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot. 

Marc will teach you how to use HubSpot's reporting tools more effectively for your business.

After Marc's talk, you'll learn: 

- How to identify your most important KPIs

- How to report on these KPIs in an efficient way

- Where to look for the key reports you need

- How to create 2 -3 custom reports using the HubSpot tools

Sound good to you? You can find out more about the event and the speaker by going to the Bristol HubSpot User Group site.

Find out more and grab your spot at the next HUG!

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