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Bristol Media SEO Workshop

13 Feb, 2020

If you're responsible for website SEO and are looking for ways to optimise your visibility on Search, this workshop is perfect for you.

Photo of Jon Payne

So, you're keen to know more about SEO?

In this event hosted with Bristol Media, Jon Payne (Technical Director at Noisy Little Monkey) will be sharing expert advice, strategies and actionable tips to help you figure out how to get the best chance of ranking highly in Google and Bing.

Tell me more about the SEO Workshop

  • You'll learn:

  • - About Google’s ranking factors  

  • - How to improve the content of your/your clients’ sites  

  • - Best practice for on-page SEO  

  • - How to research what phrases you/your clients should target  

Jon will provide you with theory and show examples so that you can go and get started straight away!

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