Digital Gaggle


What is Digital Gaggle?

 Digital Gaggle is a series of meetups and conferences which bring together the best marketing minds in Bristol and the South West. Full disclosure: it’s organised by us but we wouldn’t be telling you about it if we didn’t think it was pretty bloody good.

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The next event

The next conference is designed to help you dial up your digital marketing strategy and generate more leads and new business for your brand.

If you’re an in-house marketer working in B2B, professional services or ecommerce and want to pick up tons of actionable insights to put into practice when you’re back in the office the next day then this event is perfect for you.

Speakers include:

Phil Nottingham - he'll be talking about ‘Using Video For Growth, Acquisition & Retention’

- Joe Twyman (former Director at YouGov) - he'll help you understand how third party data can inform your marketing strategy 

- Aisha Kellaway - she'll show you what you should be writing in order to boost conversions on your website.

There's loads more speakers but we won't bore you with that her. Just head over to the Digital Gaggle website for more info on speakers and talk titles. 

If you're totally convinced, you can bag your ticket to the conference below.