HubSpot Onboarding Services

HubSpot onboarding is the process of getting your business set-up and ready to grow with the HubSpot platform. 

HubSpot Onboarding

Noisy Little Monkey’s HubSpot onboarding service makes sure that your team are set-up with HubSpot properly, that the legacy tools you have are integrated with the platform successfully, and that you’re using HubSpot best practice to maximise your company’s success. 

During the HubSpot onboarding process, our team of inbound marketers, sales consultants and HubSpot Certified Trainers will work with you to outline your business goals and tailor make a framework of  priority tasks and projects enabling you to fully lever the maximum potential of HubSpot, faster.

Why use a certified HubSpot partner?

Why use a certified partner for HubSpot onboarding?

Think of HubSpot onboarding like a game of chess; when you choose the standard HubSpot onboarding service it’s a bit like learning the art of the game through a series of online videos - good enough (it’s how we did it the first time) but lacking in a hands-on approach. Use Noisy Little Monkey for HubSpot onboarding and it’s like spending 3 months with a Grand Master; we’ll speed through the stuff you understand intuitively and spend more time where you have more to learn and where your business stands to see the most return on its investment in HubSpot.

As a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner, Noisy Little Monkey is able to offer white glove HubSpot onboarding that is second-to-none. Experts in technical SEO and with 20+ years experience in sales and marketing, our team of HubSpot specialists have honed their expertise to help you unleash the potential of the platform so you will achieve your goals faster than if you were to use a different option for onboarding.

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What added benefits are there when you onboard with Noisy Little Monkey?

  • You’ll get access to sector-specific specialist knowledge in:  
    • - SaaS
    • - B2B
    • - Legal
    • - Professional Services
    • - Big Ticket eCommerce
  • You’ll receive tailored coaching by a HubSpot Certified Trainer (one of only 10 in the UK)
  • You’ll get senior buy-in - we facilitate workshops with key stakeholders so that you don’t have to run around getting information for HubSpot
  • You’ll benefit from a holistic approach to your marketing and sales; HubSpot onboarding can be a little blinkered. We’ll bring over 2 decades of experience in technical SEO, conversion rate optimisation, web analytics and social media to your onboarding
  • You’ll do less heavy lifting. If you’ve invested in a premium onboarding package, our HubSpot experts will set up all the complicated stuff so you can sit back and work on your growth plans.

    How can we help you with HubSpot?

How can we help you with HubSpot?

HubSpot is a wonderfully extensive tool, which means that it can be daunting when you’re new to it. Noisy Little Monkey can help you get to grips with all different areas of HubSpot.  

Each onboarding is bespoke, so not all of the features below will apply to your business.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Onboarding

  • Data migration consultation
  • Data migration and QA
  • Management of your data in HubSpot
  • Lead capture and conversion paths
  • Chat bot conversation trees
  • Chat bot set up
  • Email marketing
  • Traffic and website analytics
  • Content strategy
  • Automated lead nurturing
  • Campaign setup and analysis
  • Reporting set-up
  • Custom reporting
  • Integration consultation

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HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding

Stuck with Sales Hub? Here are some of the features we love helping our clients use:

  • Mapping your sales process to HubSpot
  • Removing friction from the buying journey
  • Customisation of the CRM for your sales process
  • Baseline reporting setup and review
  • Custom report setup and review
  • Onboarding your team(s) 
  • Set up of team structure and permissions 
  • Sales automation setup
  • Set up of integration with Gmail / Outlook email
  • Set up of integration with Gmail / Outlook calendar
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Outbound sales sequences
  • Data migration consultation
  • Data migration Q&A 
  • Automated lead assignment
  • Live chat set up 
  • Live chat training
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Integration consultation


HubSpot Service Hub Onboarding

Customer-centric businesses are the ones winning right now. Here’s some of the features we can help you get to grips with when you’re onboarding for Service Hub:

  • Mapping existing service / ticketing journeys
  • Removing friction from service / ticketing journeys
  • Automating sales leads from tickets that are opportunities to up sell
  • Set up of Conversations inbox(es)
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Planning to sunset existing tool stack
  • Creating ticket pipelines
  • Productivity reporting
  • Closed ticket reporting 
  • Live chat set up
  • Live chat training 
  • Templated email and chat responses 
  • Customer-centric  knowledge base
  • Ticket assignment automation
  • NPS Surveys
  • Onboarding your team(s) 
  • Set up of team structure and permissions
  • Integration consultation


HubSpot CMS Hub Onboarding

The newest addition to the HubSpot product family, we can support with:

  • How your data and website live in HubSpot
  • SEO for your website and blog
  • CRO for your website and blog
  • 6 - 12 month content strategy
  • Lead capture and conversion paths
  • Traffic and website analytics
  • Smart content
  • Custom reporting 
  • Multiple domain set up
  • Multi lingual set up
  • Multi currency ecommerce
  • Payment gateway consultation
  • Website security Content partitioning
  • Dynamic page testing


You could also get support with...

Goal Setting 

What are the priorities of your business? Our team will help you create genuine SMART goals, based on the experience of helping hundreds of businesses grow online.  Start out right, hit targets, and track progress against KPIs. The team will help you understand what success looks like.

Campaign Strategy Support 

Content is king. But how do you know what kind of content will drive qualified traffic to your site? Using our technical SEO chops, we’ll guide you on the types of content you should be creating in order to turn strangers into devoted customers of your brand.

Inbound Marketing Tips

Our team lives and breathes HubSpot, and when it comes to inbound marketing, we practice what we preach (and then create a ton of resources on it). When you partner with us, you’ll have access to blogs, webinars, events and whitepapers all dedicated to the practice of best-in-class inbound.

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How does the HubSpot onboarding process work?

How does the onboarding process work? 

The first thing we do is kick things off with a call to figure out what you want to get from HubSpot and see if we’re a good fit to work together. After that, we’ll get you on a strategy call with our leadership team to make sure we’re aligning the technical capabilities of HubSpot with the goals of your business in order to maximise revenue and sales.

Once the 3 month strategy is clear, you’ll get assigned a HubSpot specialist to take you through the onboarding process - someone that is on the tools all day every day (well Monday - Friday, we don’t get paid enough for overtime) and is up-to-date with the latest HubSpot tools capabilities and best practices. 

The ins and outs of the 90 day process is outlined below.


Week 1 | Connect Call

This is a conversation with Katie, our Client Development Manager, where we get a bit of background on your reason for moving to HubSpot and understand what your existing tool stack looks like.

At the end of this call, we’ll have a broad understanding of what you want to achieve at the end of the 90 day onboarding which will set the framework for the rest of the process.

Week 2 | Strategy Workshop 

This meeting is lead by our Technical Director and is an opportunity for you to outline a three month strategy so that our team can better understand your customer journey and use this to shape the direction of how you best use HubSpot. 

By the end of the meeting you’ll have a set of buyer personas which you can use to inform future sales, marketing and service activity.  The Zoom meeting is recorded so that you can refer back to the agreed personas whenever you need.

Week 3 | Goal Setting Meeting 

This meeting helps us to understand what you want to achieve in 90 days. We’ll help you set reasonable SMART targets so we can track and measure success. The team will then tailor the onboarding launch plan so that it matches your priorities and objectives.  

Weeks 4 to 12 | Coaching Meetings

The first coaching meeting will take you through the tailored HubSpot project (and launch plan) and run you through how the coaching process works.

Each week, we’ll have a video call with you to see how you’re getting on with the onboarding project and offer help with any pesky HubSpot tasks such as workflows, sequences, landing pages and so on. We’ll revisit the priorities set out in earlier meetings to check that we’re on the right track. 

Ready to get started?

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