HubSpot Audit

You’ve read all the blurb, you’ve bought HubSpot and bought into the opportunities it can bring your business. But maybe you’ve hit a roadblock and HubSpot just isn’t working the way you expected it to, or you’ve had it a while and sense that you aren’t using it to its full capacity. You are not alone...

For every business that implements HubSpot easily and effectively, there are many more that struggle. In some cases, a critical member of staff leaves or senior buy-in just doesn’t materialise and implementation stutters. In other cases, you are asked to justify the cost of HubSpot or provide recommendations to improve its utilisation and simply don’t have the time to work on it. You need a HubSpot Audit.

What is a HubSpot Audit?

An audit is an objective review of how your business is using HubSpot and comparing it to the best practice employed by Noisy Little Monkey’s top performing clients. The HubSpot Audit takes several forms and is tailored depending on what exactly your business needs...

HubSpot Portal Audit

This is the most straightforward audit: it's an in-depth review of your inbound tactics and your tools set up, followed by:

  • An hour long screen-share with a HubSpot expert to take you through your audit. We will even make a recording for you to refer back to or share with your team.
  • A detailed report on your current performance and HubSpot usage.
  • A task list of achievable actions and recommendations.

The portal audit looks at how you are using HubSpot and makes recommendations.

Website Audit

HubSpot is the platform on which your digital marketing sits but is only one part of the picture.  If you are interested in seeing the wider picture, then Noisy Little Monkey’s signature website audit might be for you.  This audit is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your digital marketing, including HubSpot, content and website.  

An audit will challenge you - and potentially your team - and is a great way to understand how your digital marketing is performing.  At the end of the audit you’ll have a list of fixes and recommendations that you can take forward: on your own or in partnership with the Monkeys.

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