Bristol HubSpot User Group

The Bristol Hubspot User Group - otherwise known as the Bristol HUG - is one of a network of over 150 HubSpot User groups worldwide. Based in Bristol UK, it brings together local HubSpot users to learn and support each other. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, Noisy Little Monkey's aim is to help you keep on top of developments within HubSpot and the wider digital marketing world. 

You don’t need to have HubSpot to come to the Bristol HUG.  You will hear about topics relating to marketing automation, sales automation, customer service and content marketing - whether you use Pardot, Act!, SugarCRM, Marketo or any of a multitude of CRMs or sales tools, many of the issues covered are just the same - it's just the practicalities of execution will be demonstrated on HubSpot.

What can I expect from a HubSpot User Group?

HubSpot set up User Groups to facilitate knowledge sharing about the HubSpot platform. They are free, quarterly meetups that are open to all HubSpot Users and are partly funded by HubSpot.  

Each HUG meetup tackles a marketing, sales or service related theme. There is usually a specialist speaker and plenty of time to ask questions and share knowledge. The HUG connects you to others who are as challenged as you are with how to get more leads, quicker connections and faster closes.

What about the Bristol HUG?

We are an informal bunch - expect drinks, food, fun and as little formal networking as we can possibly get away with. You’ll meet people but our focus is on learning and working together, not on the awkward shmooze.

Check out this quick video to get a flavour.


For more information, visit the Bristol HUG website or Sign Up to our newsletter to find out about the next event.

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