Customer problem

"We've recently acquired this business, we're in the process of gently changing the culture and improving the processes with a view to growing the business substantially. Can you help us change the public face of the business?


  • Sustained growth in visitors from organic search
  • Sustained growth in engagement from social
  • Sustained growth in User Generated Content being submitted to the website
  • Extensive coverage in trade press

The WordPress theme and framework which powers TXM Plant’s website has evolved substantially in looks and content, primarily because the motivated and engaged team out on the rails send in their own photos to use the website and Facebook. Over the last 3 years, annual web traffic has grown consistently from both Organic Search and Social Channels (primarily Facebook and LinkedIn) by over 20%. The order book is filling for years in advance, and the happy team (either in the office or out on the track) continues to grow, with recruitment primarily pushed through the online channels.


A bit of background

Under its guise of NDS Rail (a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Rail), this business dominated the market but was roundly perceived as tired and under-performing by clients. Just as importantly, the staff felt part of a corporate machine. With the rail market becoming more and more competitive, NDS Rail was losing market share and on the verge of a financial crisis.

Enter TXM Group. They purchased the struggling NDS Rail and turned it into TXM Plant. More than a name change, Keiron, Laurence and Gareth needed the new company’s online image to fit with their ongoing culture change within the business, and radical change of perception in the market. No wonder the TXM motto is the 'The eXtra Mile'.

Our marketing solution

Sometimes, you can't just jump into a huge campaign. You need to build the foundations first and this was the case for this Inbound Marketing for Engineering project.

Quick fix – web design, technical SEO, Social & PR

Initially – the Noisy Little Monkey web developers produced a quick WordPress template that used simple branding (which didn’t need much sign off) and began the change of the public face of NDS Rail into TXM Plant. Then, our social media team reached out to relevant sector magazines and got coverage - including a front cover on Rail Infastructure (the bible of the rail engineering sector). 

Long game – Inbound Marketing roadmap, web design, technical SEO, inbound marketing execution

Just being online with a pretty website isn’t enough to demonstrate the culture change in an organisation of this size. The digital marketing and communication needed to help the guys at TXM Plant reach out to new prospects, engage with existing employees and - because there was a plan to substantially grow the business – recruit skilled employees.

We ran two half day workshops with the board and senior management of TXM Plant to understand their audience. It was incredibly varied – from Board level execs of blue chip engineering firms, to the person in the cab of the digger on a building site who doesn’t know that, with a little extra training, they could be earning much more money on rails.

From these workshops we produced an Inbound Marketing Roadmap for the next 12 months which took into account various personas in their audience. From this, we could deduce the search terms which would be winnable in the short and long term for SEO, and which social media channels would be best to engage people and amplify the core messages.

Then, we designed and built a website that both the Noisy Little Monkey team and the TXM Plant marketing team are able to edit collaboratively. The website had technical SEO built in from the ground up and, as the content develops, the social team are able to execute the winning Inbound Marketing strategy. The strategy is continuosly tweaked when the teams from both companies have formal quarterly meetings. Additionally, there is an almost permanent Skype chat going on between our lot and theirs. Lovely!