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Legal Services

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that helps businesses to turn strangers into delighted customers

Inbound marketing works particularly well for law firms and solicitors. The methodology of sharing helpful blog posts, website guides and useful emails can enable you to get your prospect on the hook during their research phase - when they don’t even know they need a solicitor yet. Judiciously deployed lead nurturing emails will ensure your prospect is engaged for the whole of  their decision making process, from deciding if they actually need a lawyer and if the answer is yes, if that lawyer is one of your fee earners.

Noisy Little Monkey’s expertise in the technical aspects of SEO, combined with excellent content, drives huge amounts of organic search traffic to legal websites.

Partnering with Noisy Little Monkey means that you won’t simply drive exceptional traffic growth to your website(s). You’ll be supported by our expert team of Inbound Marketing Professionals who work with some of the UK’s biggest law firms. They'll ensure that this organic traffic growth is further optimised to generate qualified leads for you to deliver to your fee earners. You’ll also receive plenty of help to set out a strategy that enables your fee earners to clinch the improved opportunities to open new files and measure what marketing activity drives new business.

When we say “partnership”, we mean it. You’ll have weekly discussions with the project lead (the person who’s actually doing the work), monthly performance meetings and a quarterly strategy meeting. Your project lead will be a specialist in Marketing Automation, SEO, Social Media or Business Development.

Stop throwing your budget away on smoke, mirrors and SEO bullshit. Take your first step towards a more effective marketing strategy today.

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