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    • What does an Inbound Marketing Audit include?

      • A comparison of your performance, visibility and speed against your top competitors.
      • Recommendations on how you can improve your visibility with SEO.
      • TTFB and page loading times.
      • On-page SEO such as page titles, alt text and meta descriptions.
      • Site structure and URLs.
      • Structured data and local SEO recommendations based on the content you already have.

      Noisy Little Monkey are the Bristol based inbound marketing and SEO agency.

      Founded to stop people getting burned by horrible SEO advice, Noisy Little Monkey has evolved into a proven provider of inbound marketing. We give away our knowledge, coaching marketing and sales teams, so that you can learn enough on your own to continue to grow your profits. If you don't have the right expertise in house, we'll happily take over and deliver your business guaranteed growth.

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      How it's done

      Industry analysis

      We'll take a look at your current position in the industry, and benchmark it against your major competitors. You'll discover the opportunities and challenges in the quest for greater market visibility.

      Google Analytics

      You'll hand over access to your Google Analytics account so that the team can look at traffic, goals and conversions.


      The team will dive into the nitty-gritty of SEO to look at your keyword visibility, backlink profile and site structure.

      The end result

      You'll walk away with a full understanding of what improvements should be made to your site, as well as what is going well (and why.

      ... or not quite the end?

      You can choose to leave it there, and take all of this juicy information with you, or you can decide to stay with us. We'll know you like the back of our hand, and can continue to provide advice, coaching and services tailored to you and your business.


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