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Inbound Marketing Audit

Inbound Marketing Audit

Inbound Marketing is a methodology which helps businesses to turn strangers into delighted customers
What on earth does an ‘Inbound Marketing Audit’ entail, then?

An IMA is an audit of your current website and (visible) online marketing activity. We analyse your current position in your industry in comparison to your major competitors, as well as highlighting any challenges there may be in the quest for greater market visibility.

We’ll ask you to give us access to your Google Analytics account so that we can take a look at your traffic, goals and conversions. From there we do some fun nitty-gritty SEO stuff, like looking at your keyword visibility, backlink profile and site structure.

What exactly do I get from my IMA?

You’ll receive a meaty analysis of the following:

  • A comparison of your performance, visibility and speed against your top competitors Backlink profile
  • Recommendations on how you can improve your visibility with SEO
  • TTFB and page loading times
  • Site structure and URLs
  • On page SEO such as page titles, alt text and meta descriptions
  • Structured data and local SEO Recommendations based on the content you already have

This is basically us ‘lifting the bonnet’ of your website. This kind of in-depth study allows us to really understand what improvements could be made to your site and what’s already going splendidly. We’ll know you like the back of our hand if we continue to work together. Everything we do here will be entirely yours to take away, even if you decide to go elsewhere (don’t do that - we’re lovely).  

I’m keen! How much to get started?

Prices for an IMA start from £3,500 (+ VAT).