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    • Reducing Bias

      Many studies show that employers' accidental bias starts in the shortlisting process - we are really trying not to do this.

      We no longer shortlist using a CV and covering letter, as the variability of these is huge. Depending on a person's life experience and social background, they may have received much more training, advice and support on how to write these 'properly', and therefore appear a better candidate than someone who is actually more suited for the role. 

      What are we doing about it?

      To combat this, we ask that you complete a standard form that gives you the opportunity to tell us about why your skills, attitude and experience are a fit for our business. This might include skills and experience that are not directly related to digital marketing, but with some training would be directly applicable.

      By completing this form, we not only get a sense of why we should employ you without accidentally using simplistic judgements about CV design and layout, but also we get a very real idea of how committed you are to working with us. 

      The point is if you don't put care and attention into an application, then are you going to put it into your job? We do look at CVs but after shortlisting, as this can fill in gaps in information, but its not our first impression of you.  

      We hope its a small, but important step, to being a better employer.

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