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Manage Your Social In Under 20 Minutes A Day

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Whip your social media into shape with 'Lean In 15'

“You work in social media… that’s just writing the odd tweet, right?” 

*cue collective sigh*

Easy though your friends may make it sound, social media management can be a real grind. Engaging with followers, finding content to share… These simple-sounding jobs often take longer than you think. So what would you say if we told you it’s possible to get all this done in just fifteen minutes a day?

This sounds like MADNESS. I’m listening.

By downloading Lean In 15, you’ll learn:
  • How to know your audience
  • How to create and curate content
  • When to schedule your posts
  • How to outreach to influencers and spread awareness of your brand
  • What to monitor on social

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