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    • Marketing & Sales Leads Calculator: Free Template


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      A calculator to help you identify how many leads to send to sales to hit revenue targets.

      How do you even begin to figure out how many leads you need to send to your sales team in order to hit your revenue goals?

      This calculator provides you with a formula so you can set marketing and sales goals each month using proper calculations (rather than finger in the air guesses!)

      This calculator will help you: 

      • Align your sales and marketing teams
      • Agree on a service-level agreement between sales and marketing
      • Monitor your team's performance month by month

      Want more sales enablement resources?

      The B2B Sales Pipeline Template can help you: 

      • Track the value and progress of any deals your sales team are working on
      • Prioritise opportunities, benchmark past performance and forecast future growth 
      • Increase efficiency in your sales team
      • Nurture leads better and spot more sales opportunities

      Track the progress of your deals! Download the free sales pipeline template here