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Measure The ROI Of Your Online Marketing

5 Steps To Reporting Your Online ROI Icon

Does the thought of measuring ROI send you into a pit of despair?

You're not alone.

Based on conversations we have had with many clients over the years, the senior team at Noisy Little Monkey have created this guide on measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) from your digital marketing. It focuses on the easiest ways to report on how your marketing efforts turn into revenue for your business.

This ROI toolkit will guide you through: 
  • How to define success
  • What to measure on your website
  • What to measure on social media
  • The tools to measure social media ROI
  • How to ensure the quality of your data
  • How to set up 5 key reports in Google Analytics

It doesn't matter if you're a total newbie or a marketing dinosaur, this guide will help you define and report on what counts.