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    • Free Template: Measuring Social Media ROI

      Learn how to track the success of your social media campaigns

      Ah, social media. Is there anything better than spending your working days RTing memes and thinking up puns?

      But there usually comes a point when you've got to stop plugging away at social media campaigns and consider what effect this is all having on the ROI of your business.

      Compare vanity metrics, hard conversions and 'dark social' with this measurement guide:
      • Compare social follower growth with conversions
      • Track social engagement
      • Analyse trends over months and years
      • Plus, if you combine it with the Chrome Extension Professor Traffic, you'll be able to track "dark social" too.
      We use Google Sheets (like Excel but online) so it works for PC's, Mac's and probably even your phone. Unless it's a Windows phone or a Blackberry, which is your own fault and you should be ashamed of yourself.