If you've not used the Join Me screenshare service before - it's best to give your self 2-10 minutes to get set up ahead of our meeting.

Ideally, you need a headset with microphone attached to your desktop or laptop machine. The next best is the native mic and speakers on a laptop. Don't try to log in with your smartphone - it'll fail.

This is the URL: https://join.me/NoisyLittleMonkey (this will open in a new tab)

Enter your name and click ‘knock to join’

knock to join the meeting

Then choose to call in by phone or internet

click the phone icon to call in

If you’re calling in by phone, choose a dail in number in your country… they’re in a drop down list.

If you’re calling in by internet – don’t forget to click the big green ‘Connect’ button!

click the call button