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Climb the Google rankings like a Monkey

As a Search Coach client, we’ll focus on checking and maintaining the health of your website. Every month you will get an online health report known as an MOT (Monthly Online Test) which will ensure everything is ticking along smoothly.

These reports comprise of 70-100 tests, seeking out errors such as slow site speed, broken links, viruses, malware and any dreaded duplicate content.

The logic behind it is this: if your website exceeds these basic hygiene standards, it will rank higher in search engines. If we do come across any issues, we’ll suggest fixes where possible.

You’ll have a meeting with us every quarter to go through everything we’ve found and suggest ways of improving your ranking and visibility, as well as the user experience of your website.

N.B. An Inbound Marketing Audit is required onboarding if you sign up to Search Coach.


✓  Monthly Online Tests (MOTs)

✓  Quarterly coaching meetings

✓  Website UX recommendations

✓  Outreach and linking ideas

✓  Ranking performance

✓  Website analytics measures

X  A 12-month framework for your content marketing

X  Setting SMART goals

X  Reporting against SMART goals

X  Social media benchmarking

X  Social media reporting