Customer problem

"We spend loads on PPC and while it seems to work OK, we should get more traffic from organic search... How can we do better SEO for retail?"


  • Sustained growth in visitors from organic search
  • Sustained growth in visitors from social
  • Significant improvement in conversion rate from all visits (PPC, Organic, Social, Referral)
  • Increased sales in store

The success of an integrated search and social campaign (AKA Inbound Marketing) has been so apparent to the team at Oak Furniture Land that they asked us to launch their new Nursery range, available online and in store. The challenge? To successfully launch a new category for one of the UK’s biggest furniture retailers, without dipping into their substantial TV advertising budget.

We did just that.

Facebook got in touch to let us know the ads were performing in the top 1% IN THE WORLD.

A bit of background

Jason, the founder of Oak Furniture Land, was working as a salesman in a furniture showroom and yearned to get out of the daily grind. Things were going OK financially - at home he was just about to build a pretty decent extension on the house - but he wanted something more. It was prescient then that he heard about a container full of furniture that had got stuck on the docks because the buyer in the UK had gone belly up. Instead of spending the money he’d borrowed for the extension on builders, he bought the dock bound container of solid oak furniture and started selling it on eBay. Apparently a natural entrepreneur, he was the biggest UK retailer on eBay within a couple of years, Then, with the economy on the slide in 2009, he opened up a showroom - while all around others were closing theirs.

In 2016, with 60+ branches in the UK, a cohesive strategy between online and in store is more important than ever. The ecommerce team at Oak Furniture Land saw what Noisy Little Monkey were doing to manage their social channels and asked if we could rock their SEO as hard.