“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”

Mark Twain

Despite reports of its death, search engine optimisation is alive, kicking and an absolutely vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

It is true that endless tweaking of keywords and cynical manipulation of search algorithms have been (almost) laid to rest – thank goodness – but ensuring your website is search friendly and accessible is as vital as ever.


What is SEO?

When someone searches for a product or service online, the list of websites that appear in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) is no accident, it is the product of a highly sophisticated set of tricky sums and tests that tries to ensure that the sites you see give you the information you need.

Search is becoming even more complex. Not so long ago, there was just one straightforward list of search results, but now we have map listings, local results, ads, images there’s even Google Now which gives you results on your phone BEFORE you search! Larry Page, co-founder of Google described the “perfect search engine” as something that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.” Slowly but surely Google and its other search engine competitors (like Bing) are moving towards highly intuitive and vastly sophisticated methods for selecting websites to show their customers.

We help businesses to understand what exactly this means for them and how they present their business online in a way that is relevant to both search engines and real life potential customers. Our blog is packed full of best practice advice, or else let us do it for you.

When we’re running your SEO Marketing project, it might look like this:


inbound marketing

This gives you a choice of two options: an Inbound Marketing Audit (IMA) or an Inbound Marketing Masterplan (IMM), which includes an Inbound Marketing Workshop (IMW) beforehand, The IMA is a comprehensive evaluation of your organisation's digital marketing, and how you measure up against your competitors. The IMM is a unique piece of work which you can take away and implement into your everyday marketing. It includes buyer personas, SMART goals and even content campaign ideas. The workshop inspires us both and helps scope your Masterplan.

On Page Recommendations

A combination of high level search term research, competitive analysis and analysis of on page factors to understand your online opportunity and how well your website matches up. This one-off report is packed with ways to improve visitor numbers to your site as a whole.

Site audits

A one off diagnostic of your website, which is particularly useful to understand why your ranking may be dropping.


Search Term Research

Old skool SEO! Detailed research into what your potential visitors are looking for. Great for getting higher visitor numbers to deeper pages on your site.

Launch Support

Launching a new website sounds straightforward . . . but do it wrong and you’ll lose hard won Google cred. We ensure your website is taken through the best practice steps to ensure you don’t lose rank with a re-designed site and get quick results with a brand new one.

Local SEO

To improve the likelihood of your brand appearing in the maps section of the Google results pages when a visitor searches for a product or service in your locality.

Google Analytics Set Up

We’ll set up your Google Analytics so that you have a framework to understand your website’s performance together with goals to identify progress.


SEO Training

Half a day at our office will give you a detailed understanding what search marketing is so that you can take control of your SEO. Or try the lower cost option of a workshop at BRAVE – not as tailored to your business, but still packed with useful information.

Google Analytics Training

Half a day getting into the nitty-gritty of your Google Analytics, understanding what numbers drive your business and how to make changes to improve performance.

Ongoing Consultancy

Search coach

A combination of monthly online health checks for your website, quarterly meetings packed full of actionable ideas and recommendations, and our continual love, help and support. This focuses on checking and maintaining the health of your website, and suggesting ways of improving your rankings and visibility on Google, and the overall user experience of your website.

Have a marketing or web design agency already?

You aren’t alone. Many of the companies we work with have long standing relationships with other agencies that look after their branding or website. We will work alongside your existing suppliers to make everyone’s input work harder.

Or perhaps you are falling out of love with your existing agency and just need another point of view. Training or a site audit might be all you need to work out your next step.

Call 0117 327 0171, we will help.